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Pastry Certification

The American Culinary Federation offers half a dozen pastry certifications. A person seeking to pursue this certification level is required to present their qualifications. The qualifications differ in the 6 certifications and are determined by education background and previous work experience.

A person that does not have previous work experience should however not worry because they are covered under the Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook. Under this level of certification, one receives training of the basics in the pastry culinary world. They are trained on how to prepare pastries for commercial consumption.

The next level is the Certified Pastry Culmination where the trainees are taught the preparation of all kinds of baked goods such as bread and other wheat products. The Certified Working Pastry Chef levels train people who want to play the supervisory role in the pastry production arena. The more advanced levels are made up of the executive and master pastry chefs. The executive chef is the head of the pastry department in a pastry company while the master chef has the best possible knowledge in production of pastries. An additional level caters for people interested in the administration and is called the Certified Culinary Administrators.Pastry Certification

I am interested in this certification first because of my love for baked products. I love their taste, aroma and filling qualities. I also believe that pastry is the best place for one to practice food art and have always been fascinated by the shapes, color and decorations on the food items. Pastries are comfort foods for sad people and I believe that being certified in the profession is one way to make the world a better place. I believe that pastry chefs are professionals who take their jobs seriously and continuously strive to improve their skills and improve their abilities.


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