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Paper outline


Each one of you has to pick one technological issue in healthcare information field (for example EMR, adoption of healthcare IT, security in health care information systems, Joint commission, EPIC, Allscript etc. It can be anything that you deem appropriate for this class). You have to work on this paper individually.

The following components should be included in your report. Some are optional.

  1. Description of project. Why chosen.
  2. Overall objective of study
  3. It’s application in the Health Care field.
  4. History of the subject/facility/issue
  5. Background information
  6. Organization of study or facility, with appropriate functions.
  7. Identification of the problem, or its value to HCIS.
  8. Interviews (if applicable)
  9. Application (Who benefits? How?)
  10. The technological aspect
  11. Benefits and drawbacks.
  12. Equipment, personnel needs (if applicable)
  13. Cost estimates, if applicable
  14. Time requirements and limitations (if applicable)
  15. Your analysis.
  16. Summary of the study. Sometimes called an executive reprise.
  17. Conclusion with pictorial, graphical presentation.
  18. Turn in electronic form of your paper on Blackboard


Your paper should be about 1500 (minimum) words to 2500 words excluding references.

Please address each and every point on the list above. If certain points are not applicable to your work, mention that in your report but address it anyways.

You have to cite at least 5 sources (excluding the textbook) in your work.

The final paper along with the previously submitted section is due by end of week 3. Start working on this ASAP.