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Origin of Garlic Story

The exact region of garlic origin is not known but Central Asia, South Asia or Southwestern Siberia is believed to be the first places that may have discovered garlic. Garlic is a herb that in the past has had a lot of history regarding its usage. It has been used as food and medicine.

Various traditions are also part of the garlic story. This includes the use of garlic for magic, protection from sorcery, protection from creatures such as vampires and nymphs. Some communities even used garlic to prevent various accidents as well as gain favor in competitions. Garlic sometimes was used as a lucky charm. In some societies it was seen as a form of sex inducing drug and was forbidden among people who were not married.Origin of Garlic Story

Garlic also has a history in religion. Egyptian priests worshipped garlic and were not allowed to use it for other purposes such as food. Greek priests were not allowed in temples if they smelled of garlic. Garlic has seen its highs such as being used as a form of payment option and revolutions during its shortages in history.  The garlic was so popular in the past that every major religion has a mention of it in their holy books. The lows have been that in some societies it was associated with the poor people; undesirable people and some people were expelled from the presence of the high and mighty for eating the lowly herb.

Garlic might be the only plant in the world marked by so much controversy and popularity at the same time. It has also been a cultivated crop for a long time following its uses. The herb was first introduced in Asian countries before Europe and then to the rest of the world.Origin of Garlic Story


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