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Operations Management Plan Proposal on Apple Incorporated



Operations Management Plan Proposal on Apple Incorporated

Choice of Organization

Apple Incorporated.

Industry Analysis

Apple operates in an industry characterized by high competition and bargaining power. The company has faced stiff competition from players such as Samsung and Microsoft. The industry is also highly competitive because consumers incur minimal costs in switching companies. Suppliers, on the other hand, have low bargaining power as a result of the availability of numerous potential suppliers that the company can choose from. Both the threats of new entrants and substitutes in this industry are moderate given that the cost of establishing rival companies whose reputation matches that of the present players is very high.

PESTLE Analysis

In Apple’s case, worsening free trade policies present possible threats. On the other hand, the prevailing stable politics, especially in developed countries, is an opportunity (Pratap, 2019). The most significant economic factors that are likely to have an impact on the company are the sustained economic growth in developing countries such as those in Asia and the prevailing economic stability in developed countries. With regard to the social factors, the rising popularity of mobile devices and the increasing use of social media are both opportunities that the company could exploit. Within the technological concept, cloud computing and apps market will be considered.

Description of the Organization

Apple Inc. is a technology company whose headquarters are in Cupertino, California. It designs and develops a wider range of consumer electronics in addition to computer software.

Vision and Mission

Apple’s vision lays emphasis on the company’s core values such as innovation and product excellence. On the other hand, its mission focuses on technology and product development (Aljafari, 2016). It also includes factors such as social responsibility.


The company’s business strategy is contained in its annual 10-K reports, which highlights its commitment to giving it customers unrivaled user experience through innovation (Aljafari, 2016). Apple has invested hugely in research and development to develop innovative products. It has also invested in marketing and advertising, enabling it to market products to customers.

Operations Management Plan Proposal on Apple Incorporated



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