opening of an Indian Restaurant in Saudi Arabia

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opening of an Indian Restaurant in Saudi Arabia in the city of Khobar


The purpose of this proposal is to come up with an Indian Restaurant business proposal that will be later on used in documenting the restaurants business plan in order to seek for the required startup investment funds.opening of an Indian Restaurant in Saudi Arabia


With an objective of solving the current hotel industry deficit which is the absence of a big enough Indian restaurant that can adequately accommodate enough guests who visit Saudi Arabia either on business trips or for vocational visits, I came up with a business proposal of an Indian restaurant. The Indian restaurant is expected to impact positive effects both to the shareholders who will be willing to invest in the business and the community living in the city of Khobar at large. The benefits include the huge profits that will be generated from the venture, the employment opportunities, a solution in the hotel industry gap and a boost to the economy of the city in general.


The beautiful city of Khobar lacks an Indian Restaurant that can adequately accommodate a large number of guests under one roof. It has been noted that the largest number of guests who visit Saudi Arabia are mostly from the Arabic and Indian community. Most of the restaurants in the cities however only cater for the Arabic traditions and foods creating a gap in the Indian restaurant venture. This proposed Indian restaurant will therefore major in Indian cuisine foods which will also be blended with a touch of Arabic influence. It will focus on providing an ethnic and traditional Indian environment blended with an Arabic touch in order to attract the target customers.

opening of an Indian Restaurant in Saudi Arabia -Details

The proposed Indian restaurant will have a capacity that will adequately and efficiently accommodate fifty seated guests. The location of the restaurant in the city of khobar in Saudi