Online privacy & Codes



Online privacy & Codes

Modern devices have been embedded with computer chips that allow them to carry out different functions, just to mention a few they include electric vehicles, digital cameras, and street lights. The embedded chips in these devices are designed to execute a particular function by the device.

Electric vehicles have a chip that is designed to allow the controlling of the vehicle remotely, this embedded chip come as the innovation of fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. The commands are fed into the computerized chip which are used to control the vehicle, this commands allows the vehicle to auto drive, lock itself even without the presence of the driver. Therefore the embedded chip is able to control the vehicle remotely.

Digital cameras have an inbuilt computer chip that controls the rotation and imaging functions of the camera. The chip is programed to give certain commands to the camera and control the images, digital cameras such as CCTV’s are controlled to capture the images and videos of a specific location and send the images to the main server and the computer chip is responsible for the execution of such functions.

Street lights have been modified by introducing the computer chips in them; this allows the ability to control the traffic remotely. The chip is programed to issue commands on the changing of the street lights, thus allowing the smooth flow of the vehicles in the major cities. The embedded chip allows the lights to function automatically and in a certain sequence thus ensuring the street lights are effective when it comes to executing traffic duties.

In my opinion, the computer chip has brought a paradigm shift in technology where by most of the function can be controlled remotely with much ease. However inventions and new technologies comes with new challenges, which when not observed keenly can result in loses.

Advantages-online privacy & Codes

The computer chips provide top security and privacy provided the remote control centers are kept out of reach of the unauthorized persons and under surveillance. The command in the chips ensures efficiency and accuracy when executing the functions.


Technology faces high risks in security and privacy as a result of hackers and infection of the information in the chips by virus. In a situation of hacking can result in loss of important information and exposure of top secret information to malicious group of people who can cause damages for their own interests. Viruses can also cause massive loss of information thus corrupting with the programs of the embedded chips in devices.