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Online Post Processing Services

Online post processing services such as Global Positioning System (GPS) have been used both effectively and efficiently for several engineering applications mainly for survey but also for many other disciplines. Web-based online services developed by various organizations of which many are user friendly, offer unlimited services and are mostly free. These have become an alternative to the high cost commercial software available for web post processing and analysis of GPS data. When the minutest of details are required of the data such as centimeter (cm) or decimeter (dm) levels of accuracy are required. This are obtained easily with regard to different quality applications accuracy of most online web based services in and around the world which include Online Positioning User Services (OPUS), AUSPOS; an online GPS Processing Service, SCOUT, CSRS-PPP, APPS, magicGNSS, GAPS. All of these services use relative and precise approach to solutions. Although if one wants to process and analyze GPS data, notwithstanding the many scientific and commercial software of different quality which may be of high cost and are used by GPS professionals, high levels of training are required, the users also require experience, therefore for an alternative many users tend to turn to user-friendly web-based online software, developed for small end users by small organizations to estimate positions with a high accuracy. Thanks to the GPS; originally a satellite navigation system the online post processing services are accurate and dependable, the GPS has made an invaluable impact on global communications.

Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS)

Firstly I will start by talking about the Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS), this is a literal 3D grid on which (latitude, longitude and height) of anything, any object, any object or any feature can be precisely pinpointed. Its infrastructure consists of coordinates and a network in which the coordinates can be determined at very high precision. It uses grids, this grids are fundamental for navigation, boundary demarcation, marine charting, crustal deformation study and many other geo-referencing applications. The bone and marrow of the CSRS is the Canadian Active Control System (CACS); this a network of continuously operating global navigation satellite system (GNSS). CACS, data support positioning accuracy at decimeter-level this is for imagery geocoding and many real-time makesh