One Native Life

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One Native Life

By Richard Wagamese

One Native Life-One Native Life is a collection of spiritual stories in the memorable life of the author called Richard. In this stories, the author recalls his experiences about some of the people he met, things he did including his decisions and what he saw and places that the author visited during his lifetime. This experiences had both positive and negative effects in his life but in the end, they gave him hope over the years. Throughout the book, the author employs good use of language that made me want to read the book chapter after without feeling bored on the way despite having an idea of the stories from different summaries and reviews. This is because the stories in “One Native Life” are both thoughtful in that we can relate with them and also uplifting because they give us hope at the end of the journey. I think they also created a sad and somber mood as I was reading them. I enjoyed reading this book because of very deep points used by the author as he tried to explain incidents in his life when he was forced to deal with abuse and tragedy. In the course of his life however, he was free of anger and tried as much as he could to live a happy life. All the author wanted in the entire book was to search for the good that the world he lived in has to offer. The other aspect of this book that made it enjoyable to read was the interesting life of the author. Richard was faced by very many challenges during his 52 years on earth, being a product of the foster system and missing out on the love of the parents and facing other challenges associated with being a first Nation man. He however, lived an interesting life that was often full of travelling from place to place, having different adventures and meeting new people and friends in the course of his traveling. This is because he always tried to happy and was always in the pursuit of happiness. His life turned out as interesting as ever despite the challenges that he faced during his journey. The challenges therefore should never hinder an individual from living according to his expectations but instead should give us the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. The last aspect that made reading this book interesting was the room for hope and possibility of healing that the stories gave to an individual who can associate