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Executive summary

olive branch restaurant-Purpose: The purpose of this business plan is to seek for sufficient credit for developing our business plan. The funds will assist us in purchasing a 3,000 square feet space in West Pender Street, Downtown Vancouver for our pilot store, remodeling the premises and the purchase of kitchen equipment.

Location: Our pilot store will be located in West Pender, Vancouver, but our franchise will expand later on all over Greater Vancouver as well as throughout Canada and internationally.

Timeline: Our franchise will develop rapidly. Within the first year, we intend to start up our pilot store and franchise four more places. Within two years, we would like to expand internationally. Within five years, we aim to become a top franchise.


Human resource:  We have recruited a team of professionals, with extensive experience in their fields of expertise. We also outsource some of the services and we collaborate with specialized companies and financial institutions for business development purposes. We expect to increase our in-house staff since our business will expand considerably.


Strategy: Business development will be organized according to these 5 departments: Latin Fast-Food, Coffee, Tea and Beverages, Bakery Products and Wine Department. All the locations will be coordinated from the head-office, in close cooperation with the franchisees.

Mission: Our mission is develop Olive Branch as a fast-food restaurant franchise business. Our specific will be customer-oriented servicing of healthy Latin food and beverages, together with high technology services which will promote us as a vanguard franchise business.



  • Open the 1st Olive Branch fast-food restaurant at the beginning of 2017, which will serve as our pilot store.
  • In 2017, we also intend to open at least 2 – 4 more stores.
  • During the first 2 years, we intend to sell the franchise for the following:
    • 5 fast-food trucks;
    • 4 cafeterias;
    • 1 restaurant.
  • During the first 5 years, we intend to sell the franchise for the following:
    • 12 fast-food trucks;
    • 10 cafeterias;
    • 4 restaurants.


Company:  We will focus on offering a variety of high quality services. Food and beverages will be only part of our services. We will offer complementary services people need such as Wi-Fi services, a high tech software application and Karaoke.

Industry: The fast-food franchise industry seems to be booming. We will focus all types of Latin food, including Argentinean and Peruvian which should make our product more flexible and attractive to a larger segment. There are about 32 Canadian fast-food franchises, but 2 main ones focus on Mexican food. There is none offering Latin food and the combination of services we will provide. This should increase Olive Branch’s chances for a large market share.

olive branch restaurant

Market and competition:

  1. Market analysis: franchising, this provides with the ability to gain market share by increasing a company’s points of distribution. Compared to other business expansion models, franchising allows businesses to expand faster with minimal capital as investment at the unit level is covered by their franchisees. Furthermore, franchising offers the opportunity to have a multitude of units throughout the world.
  2. Competition: Quesada Mexican Grill – Franchise investment required: $100,001 – $200,000

Swot Analysis:

  1. Strengths: Versatile franchise services (food and beverage, entertainment, high technology), Flexibility (franchise services translatable to various cultures), Uniqueness (the first fast-food franchise offering sophisticated high-technology services to customers).
  2. Weakness: Unknown brand and Limited funds.
  3. Opportunities: Due to the recession, the real estate does not increase prices, Due to the recession, some businesses fail and they can be taken over for a good price, our high-technology services meet the demand and interests of the public