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Off-grid hybrid wind/solar PV refrigeration in Saudi Arabia village

Renewable energy is the energy that is sourced from the renewable sources such as sunlight, geothermal heat, the wind, and rain. Hybrid power, however, integrates the fossil fuel based generators and with renewable to produce electrical energy that is then used in these Saudi Arabian villages. Off-grid hybrid wind/solar PV refrigeration are usually very independent and even quite massive grids and can, therefore, be adequately utilized by residents of very interior areas. Off-grid hybrid wind/solar PV refrigeration offers a better and viable solution because of its flexibility when it comes to planning, and it’s also environmentally friendly as compared to the standalone diesel systems. Off-grid hybrid wind/solar PV refrigeration also offers a greater ground that an, in turn, facilitate expansion which of course results from the daily increasing demand for electric power. Hybrid power has been widely adopted in the Arabian villages because of the availability of natural sources such as wind and the sunshine.

Saudi Arabia is a big country with so many isolated communities located in hilly and local areas. The large population that is present in these area raises concern when it comes to the power. The government through various community organization has put up various structural infrastructure that will see these local villages access power. Renewable sources of energy have been one of the methods that the government has initiated to ensure that locals do enjoy just like those in the urban centers. The option has been adopted because of the inaccessibility of such areas. The best choice for such kind of areas has been the hybrid power engine like the wind-PV diesel, PV-diesel, wind-diesel and so many other power models that either do or do not use the battery backups. The research that has been carried out in the past has significantly established that if well utilized both reliable and even cost effective when compared to the single power source system [1].

The small off-grid stand-alone hybrid power system offers the best and viable solution to the rural area in Saudi Arabia and is it even provides an immediate solution to the widening electric gap of the electric gap in Saudi Arabia. Even though a little power is generated in the