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Ocean cargo

The biggest step that the maritime business made was to agree on international regulations through the International Maritime Organization. The ocean cargo industry can boast of being the only transport industry that has rules that apply to every player. This not only makes business fair, but also increases chances at partnerships and effortless interactions because everyone knows the rules. Ocean transport is also very attractive because of the low charges on all forms of goods. The transport system is the most preferred internationally because of the kind of goods that can be transported. The availability of container ships for manufactured goods, bulk ships for raw materials, tankers for oil and chemicals as well as the presence of other specialised ships ensures that almost every product on earth can be transported through sea.

Ocean transport is also gaining recognition from environmentalists, for their continued protection of the environment by reducing oil spills like in the past. Many organisations are now environmental conscious and thus ocean cargo is making progress.Ocean cargo

Ships have the added advantage of transporting more as well as bigger goods thus overshadowing their negative low speed in delivering. Transportation in containers ensures that goods arrive clean and in good condition, despite long voyages. The Flag of Convenience is an advantage to ship owners as their cost is reduced, they meet standard regulations and they are protected under their country instead of doing all the hard work. The shipping industry has also provided an opportunity for other businesses to operate within them. A good example is the middlemen businesses that do not own ships but pay for space and sublet it to smaller businesses at a fee. This benefits both companies as ships can operate with fewer companies in charge of smaller companies, sharing costs in the process.