Observational Journal 1



Observational Journal 1


The focus this week has been to understand student oral skills. On the lessons I attended, I found the teacher helping students to effectively pronounce certain words in their vocabulary. I therefore decided to watch their progress, what was hindering them or what they were struggling with.

Procedure-observational Journal 1

When the class began, the teacher begun by checking attendance and seeing if anyone was absent by chance. The teacher then went ahead to explain what the class was all about that day and what they needed to be keen to understand as the lesson progressed. The teacher also let his expectations known of what he expected them to achieve as a class by the end of the lesson. The lesson then began on a very low note and as the teacher wrote the words they were going to practice that day, one could note that the students were not very thrilled with the subject.

The teacher was able to sense this and decided to make the class lively by asking volunteers to read the words out loud. A few confident hands went up and as each student gave it a try, it was easy to learn where they had gone wrong as a few giggles escaped from those that were too shy about volunteering themselves. The teacher took notice of this and made everyone a participant by randomly choosing who should read and who should correct. If none of them got it right, the teacher would intervene. One word ‘flour’ was a struggle as different students read different versions then the teacher would tell the right pronunciation and make the whole class repeat after him. Another word ‘comfortable’ was difficult too and the teacher used the same technique to teach them.

After they were through with the words, the teacher helped them to practice the same words in simple sentences that would be easy for their memory. Each student was given a chance to shine and to learn where best some words fit and how best to apply them in speech.

At the end of the lesson the students were given a chance to raise their concerns. A few students had questions which were duly answered and when the period ended the teacher asked them to practice the new vocabulary and pronunciation on each other as practice was bound to make them perfect.

My reflection-observational Journal 1

I admired the specific way in which the teacher was particular with the students. I loved the way he found a way to make the class both lively and an enjoyable experience as well as getting all the students to participate in the activity of the day. The teacher was also keen on attendance which would help him to easily identify if any of his students was experiencing any trouble. The teachers parting shot that they should practice on each other was a brilliant way of making them learn way after the lesson was over and if applied successfully, it would help them to grasp the words better as they play around with the words and use them in sentences to improve their grammar. I however thought that the teacher was a little too rash with the shy students by making them participate unwillingly. Maybe giving them a chance to overcome their shyness and volunteering to join in the activity after a given time would be better. This is because the effort would come from within. The teacher should also be able to make a follow up in the next lesson to see student progress and their practice.