Is obesity a disease or a condition?

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Obesity is a word commonly used to refer to people who are overweight and having a lot of body fat. Obesity is common today and has become a global concern. With many people being considered overweight and obesity related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease taking people’s lives, the question among the experts and medics has been on what exactly should obesity be considered to be. Consequently, this has raised the debate that, “Is obesity a disease or a condition?” (Iacobellis, 200). The background to this debate may have started in the early 20th century, when the concern for people’s weight was taken over by medical practitioners and experts in the field of health. This period saw doctors beginning to make it a routine to record people’s weight and heights whenever they visited the hospitals. The event that followed was that weight loss drugs started hitting the market with people obsessed with slimming flooding the market to purchase the drugs (Iacobellis, 200). Later a group of doctors created the National Obesity Society. Obesity is a complex phenomenon, and it intervention of many factors: genetic, psychological, emotional, social. It might cause occurrence of adverse effects on health, but we can protect our self by treatment and attention to our health. Through this association, the medics and the experts aimed at taking its treatment from the margins to the mainstream. Eventually, the concern on obesity grew (Iacobellis, 200). But even as this happened and as the medics and professionals in the medical field took up the need to treat obesity and overweight, the question remains that” Is obesity a disease or a condition?”Increasing obesity, childhood and adults can it be by the inherit. The reasons for the increasing childhood obesity is because of the parents who are not interested about their children foods, what they eat? When they have to eat? Because the child’s body needs a different type of foods and cooking method of adult, that is important. The child eats completely mashed and light and less than the child who used to eat less thick and not completely mashed. Poor regulation of food intake and foods for each uncontrolled such as fast food hamburgers, and foods full with oils. And give them plenty of Sweets.