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Obesity in Children

Obesity is a word commonly used to refer to people who are overweight and having a lot of body fat. Obesity is common today and has become a global concern. With many people being considered overweight and obesity related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease taking people’s lives, the question among the experts and medics has been on what exactly should obesity be considered to be. Consequently, this has raised the debate that, “Is obesity a disease or a condition?” (Iacobellis, 200). The background to this debate may have started in the early 20th century, when the concern for people’s weight was taken over by medical practitioners and experts in the field of health. This period saw doctors beginning to make it a routine to record people’s weight and heights whenever they visited the hospitals. The event that followed was that weight loss drugs started hitting the market with people obsessed with slimming flooding the market to purchase the drugs (Iacobellis, 200). Later a group of doctors created the National Obesity Society. Obesity is a complex phenomenon, and it intervention of many factors: genetic, psychological, emotional, social. It might cause occurrence of adverse effects on health, but we can protect our self by treatment and attention to our health. Through this association, the medics and the experts aimed at taking obesity treatment from the margins to the mainstream. Eventually, the concern on obesity grew (Iacobellis, 200). But even as this happened and as the medics and professionals in the medical field took up the need to treat obesity and overweight, the question remains that” Is obesity a disease or a condition?”

Discussion-obesity in Children  

Increasing obesity, childhood and adults can it be by the inherit. The reasons for the increasing childhood obesity is because of the parents who are not interested about their children foods, what they eat? When they have to eat? Because the child’s body needs a different type of foods and cooking method of adult, that is important. The child eats completely mashed and light and less than the child who used to eat less thick and not completely mashed. Poor regulation of food intake and foods for each uncontrolled such as fast food hamburgers, and foods full with oils. And give them plenty of Sweets. “Energy balance in children happens when the amount of energy taken in from food or drink and the energy being used by the body to support natural growth without promoting excess weight gain” ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ). There are emotional components that correspond to overeating. In many cases, those who are obese eat in order to find comfort in food. Comfort in food can be found in people seeking to face boredom, or seeking to combat anxiety. Some uses being obese as their defense against the rejection they face in their surroundings (Iacobellis, 2009). For some people, overeating is a lifelong compulsion which ends up being part of their behavior, for instance, when a child is served inappropriate foods in much – too – large amounts.

Some cases of depressive illness can cause weight gain. The most important thing that is there some people when they feel sad they just eat a lot and that cause obesity, and that can be a result of the food in terms of fun and pleasure and gratification and search to relieve depression. “Depression can effectively affect patient’s’ nutritional status, with serious consequences in the patents’ future health”( Nutrition Journal ). On the other thing is there some people who on obesity, and they feel bad about their overweight and they do not like their bodies. Psychological condition related to obesity. Severe psychological stress is a strong factor in disability and mental activity generally in mental disorders related to obesity, physical movement does not stop even depression include chronic psychological stress and anxiety. As the fat person finds some psychological trouble for the result of people’s who comments on his appearance. Depression and emotional disorders make it difficult to lose something on weight, the loss weight does not work if the person is burdened with worries and negative emotions. Obesity  is a complex entity that may be caused by many factors, some of these factors may be endocrine such as hyper-functioning of the adrenal gland-Cushing’s syndrome or thyroid malfunction. However, in many cases the condition comes from a combination of overeating and inactivity (Iacobellis, 2009). In some cases, there are those who end up being obese as a result of genetic factors which will result in the tendency of an individual being overweight even with the consumption of appropriate number of calories as considered by many.

Obesity and factoring social. Obesity disease threatens almost every member of the body. Also accompanied by a higher probability of diabetes, strokes, and early death, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, high blood pressure, reproductive problems, and interruption of breathing during sleep and depression. About 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ).

To solve this problem, treat yourself, taking therapy drugs, surgical intervention. Reduce drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks being rich in caffeine, which helps to raise the anxiety and excitement of the nervous system rate.Obesity in Children

Obesity one of the first and the most serious diseases of this age, and are satisfactory phenomenon is a result of changing the quality of meals and provide unhealthy foods associated with a lack of physical activity. Increasing intake of fried foods and fast various high-calorie meals without organization and on an ongoing basis has an important role in the spread of obesity rate. And the important factors in obesity have been in schoolchildren and teenagers leisure and boredom in the summer vacation, absence of recreational and social programs for these young people to make them sit at home and watch TV, which reduces their movement, and often does repeat these foods to pass the time. Obesity is a disease as experts supporting this assertion define it based on the amount of fats in the individual’s body.  By using the body mass index, the definition of obesity is watered down and that is what causes the disqualification as a disease. This claim can be justified by the fact that there are people with a higher body mass index yet they are healthy. This accumulation of body fats is what causes body dysfunctions thus making diabetes a disease (In Engdahl, 2015).

Summary-obesity in Children

Activity and movement have a great interest in improving human health in general can be summed activity and movement in one word, is a sport. Therefore, better to follow the best means of treating weight loss before symptoms of morbid obesity, and direct medical examination show. To ease the burden of these diseases is not an impossible task. It is necessary for each person to maintain a normal weight for length, age, and so throughout the period of his life, but there are people who require their health to avoid any increase in weight.

While these may be the different stands and views of the medical practitioners, it is clear that the definition of diabetes is what should give out the clear classification of diabetes either as a disease or as a condition. However, being that diabetes is a body disorder that is caused by environmental condition, diabetes thus qualifies as a condition and not a disease.








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