Nurse Compensation at Feather River Hospital

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Nurse Compensation at Feather River Hospital


Compensation can be defined as a well-defined way of offering monetary or financial value to workers in exchange for the services they have provided. Compensation is always aimed at helping the organization in recruiting their new or fresh work team, enhancing job performance, as well as job satisfaction. In short, it is designed to motivate the workers so that they can remain focused in their work thus giving a better quality job which in turn will positively influence the output realized by the firm which is known to play a major role in shaping the competitive status of any given organization. Compensation is used a frame by the directing body for a wide range of reasons that are all geared at enhancing the existence of the firm. It may be modified based on the requirements, goals, as well as the resources available for the business. Compensation may be used as a tool to hire and maintain very competent and qualified workers to the organization. In this light, it helps in making the organization to be more competitive than others by having a workforce that has the right skills to handle the various jobs in the firm and produce a high quality job for the firm (Findlaw, 2017).

The job I have selected is that of a registered nurse working at Feather River Hospital. In this work, the nurse is expected to administer some treatment to the patient basing on the directions given by the director of the organization or the physicians. They also assist the doctors in administering medical care to the clients. Moreover, the nurses in this hospital also offer advices to the people on the different ways they can better their health through proper feeding, exercising, and many more. They also organize campaigns to sensitize the people in this locality on some health issues that may be posing a real threat to the lives of the people. Therefore, enjoy a variety of benefits, which keep them motivated as they continue working for the organization on daily basis (Feather River, 2017).

To begin with, registered nurses at Feather River Hospital get compensation on hourly basis. The average hourly pay for a registered nurse in this health facility is $ 38 per hour. When this pay is calculated on yearly basis, one finds out the nurses receive on average $ 82K per year. This annual compensation in terms of salary is among the highest across the nation. One reason that has been given is the cost of living in California State. The cost of living is among the highest and as such, rents, food, electricity, internet among other facilities have higher charges. With this annual salary, a nurse will be able to find a decent home, which will cost about $38K per year.  Moreover, this salary package ensures that the nurse does not have to look for other places to work. Therefore, he or she gives all she can to the organization and help it in achieving better results in terms of patient satisfaction with services offered (Glassdoor, 2017).Nurse Compensation at Feather River Hospital

Feather River Hospital may also compensate the nurses for successfully conducting a campaign that has yielded good health results in the desired demographics. This does not have a fixed pay but it can be $50 per hour spent in the campaigns. They may also be compensated for embracing good health firm policies that have resulted in the firm being graded positively by the directing bodies as well as those that check on quality of services offered by the health bodies to their customers. Other benefits that are offered include health insurance for the nurses. The health insurance not only covers the nurse himself or herself but also their families. The health insurance policy comes with a $50,000 life insurance policy (Cepamerica, 2017). This amount is applicable to other insurance policy which are flexible. Health insurance is important since it enables the nurse to use it when any member of their family is sick or need medical attendance. This  health plan benefit allows the nurse to save money that they would have used in treating their loved ones in case they were not offered the health insurance by the hospital.

Feather River Hospital also gives paternity and maternity leave to nurses. Any nurse working in this hospital will be guaranteed a paternity or maternity leave. This is important since it gives the expectant mother or father time to be with their child. It enables a couple to have time to bond with their new born child before they resume work. This social bonding between parents and their child is important in making sure that the child gets the best possible start in her or his life. It also ensures that the nurse is not distracted while at work since if there was no maternity or paternity leave then the nurse might be working while at the same time is thinking about his or her child back at home (Glassdoor, 2017).