New Cyber Security Alert



New Cyber Security Alert

Being one of our highly valued clients, I would like to bring to your attention that there is a new cyber virus that has been spreading across the globe in the last one week. The malware was first reported by Eric Auchard, Jack Stubbs, and Alessandra Prentice under the article “New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business” published by Reuters. Computer systems and related networks are at the risk of being damaged or disabled given that the present attack has demonstrated the ability to infiltrate into large organizations.

There is need therefore to protect sensitive data or information at your corporation to prevent theft of privacy and loss of revenue. The article will influence the efforts being put in place by companies across the world and in the US in particular to enhance their cyber defenses given that it highlights a common possible cyber-attack that managers should be informed of. Additionally, the information it contains will help you to understand ways in which the malicious software could find its way into your corporate network. Conversely, you will be better positioned to put in place appropriate measures to counter the threat.New Cyber Security Alert

The virus could create a lot of havoc in your company if your computers get infected. According to the authors of the article, the hackers have the ability to erase the entire data from any machines including those at your premises. The article also reveals that there are frameworks that big organizations such as the ones that we run could use to proactively manage and control reputational risks such as the current one. To successfully achieve this, however, an organization has to determine factors that influence those risks and quantify them.New Cyber Security Alert

There is a need for you to address the looming cyber security threat to protect your company from incurring heavy financial losses given that hackers are increasingly using malware to extort money from their victims. To this end, I would urge you to review your company’s policy relating to confidential data. It would be advisable to ensure all your company’s devices are protected. The additional safeguards discussed below could prove helpful to your organization.

All your staffs should take the necessary precautions to avoid losses in the event that the attackers target Oracle Corporation. First, they should ensure that they make backups that are safe and secured. Since some attacks are likely to target these backups, staff should make multiple backups that are entirely disconnected from the network. Additionally, all individuals using the company’s computers should be advised against opening links that appear suspicious.
For instance, they should not click those that they are not familiar with. This would help keep your systems secure given that experts have indicated that the virus can be spread through PDFs, word documents, and unsecured links.

Moving forward into the future, the management at Oracle Corporation should carry out a strategic assessment to determine possible cyber threats and areas that are highly vulnerable. The undertaking will help determine ways in which highly sophisticated hackers could undermine your security system. This way, your company will be in a position to identify any security gaps and allocate the required resources to solve these issues.New Cyber Security Alert

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