Need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction



Need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

Addiction is an issue that the government is constantly trying to deal with. Therefore, this letter proposes a way of dealing with the problem of alcoholism and binge-drinking. This model draws its inspiration from the self-exclusion mechanism that is present when it comes to gambling. The authorities came up with the voluntary self-exclusion policy tries to deny addicts with the opportunity to engage in the harmful act. Therefore, I would like to table my points on how effective this program will be in Canada.

Many addicts are always willing to stop abusing the drugs. They are always aware of the negative impact that these actions have on them. These include, reducing their productivity, wastage of financial resources, and health complications. Therefore, the surrounding factors makes it harder for them to stop abusing these drugs (Canadian Center for Addictions, 2018). Consequently, it would be great if the government, health centers, shops, and any relevant authority party needs to come on board and ensure self-exclusion is made possible.Need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

In addition, addiction has a myriad of social effects. Addicts will always be unable to work but will require finances for them to access the drugs. Therefore, they will have to engage in certain illegal acts to fund their lives. For example, some may decide to steal or sell their belongings so that they can get money to fund their behavior. Consequently, the crime rate and the number of homeless families will increase. Lastly, addiction negatively affects how families relate. Addiction has led to many broken families which has numerous negative effects on the Canadians (Lander, Hawsare, & Bryne, 2013). Therefore, dealing with alcoholism and excessive cigarette smoking will also help to reduce the ripple effects of the action.

The need to combat the problem of addiction makes it important to come up with the self-exclusion policy. The success of this policy is that it needs all these individuals to make it a success. I propose the following procedure. I would encourage individuals to voluntarily ban themselves from getting access to cigarettes or alcohol. They then register their identification cards and numbers that will place them in a data base. The individuals in this list should be refused from getting access to the drugs. The shop keepers and the store owners should then have access to this database. It may be through logging into a particular site or by scanning the Identification card. An app may be developed to allow them to have this access. In case anybody has registered themselves in this program, they are to be denied access.Need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

In addition, this policy may be enforced by the courts and the health centers. Among the recommendations that the counselors may give to their patients is for them to enroll into this program. Therefore, the patient ends up being in the program voluntarily. However, Canada may also come up with coerced ways of ensuring that addicts are placed in this program. For instance, if a medical practitioner discovers that an individual is an alcoholic or a cigarette addict, they should be mandated to carry out a research on the lives of these individuals. Their findings should then be forwarded to the relevant authority for them to be put into the program. The background check is so that they can see if there are any immediate consequences of taking alcohol or excessive smoking. These would include a history a violence when drunk or medical issues such as liver cirrhosis, they are supposed to be automatically enrolled into the program.

At the beginning, the ID scanner is enough to ensure compliance. However, over time the facial recognition software needs to be made available to the store keepers. This software will ensure that it can curb the problem of having some unscrupulous customers who end up lying about their names or using false IDs to get the drugs.

However, the government should put in place dire consequences in case and individual ends up going against the Self-exclusion program. These may include acts such as jail terms or fines. In addition, individuals who are found to be purchasing for people in this program are supposed to be punished. They should also be placed in this program for a particular period of time or serve a jail term. These consequences will act as motivators for these members of these abusers to stop using the drugs. Lastly, I would propose a situation where the people who have been coerced to be put into this program would have to take some medical tests to see if they adhered to the court orders.Need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

Thank you for your time and effort. I hope I will hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely;

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Appendix A

Audience Analysis-need to include Self-Exclusion as a Mode of Tackling the Issue of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

The topic will be the need for self-exclusion as a means of stopping the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes. The main audience for this speech will be the government officials. In particular, the individuals from the ministry of healthy will be present when I am making the speech. It mainly deals with their field. These are individuals who are always busy. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the speech is not too lengthy (Nordquist, 2017). They may switch off. Therefore, I will have to ensure that I go directly to the points. Further, I will ensure that I categorize the points as per their weight. I will then start with the heavier points followed by the less weighty ones.

This speech I may make in front of the Minister of Health once the proposal has been taken into consideration. When making my speech, I will have to ensure that I talk eligibly, concisely, and straight to the point (Nordquist, 2017). In addition, I will have to ensure that I give them data and findings from various studies as a way of proving my position. These are individuals who are professionals in the health and legal sector, therefore, I will have to ensure that I do my own studies. I will be required to answer some questions or clarify some issues. I will have to get information on the different laws because a major point of contradiction that may stand out will be the fact that it may infringe on the rights of certain individuals.

To pass my message well, I will have to ensure that I start with a bang, Tabling the statistics on issues such as the number of the alcoholics in Canada, the reformed and the ones who backslid in their journey to purity. I may also start the speech with a simple animation to capture their attention.

Conclusively, while on the podium, I will have to read the group so that I can ensure that I can be in line with their ideas and communicate the ideas well. I must cater to their needs. I will have to vary my tone, speed, and even pitch based on their speech.