The paper talks about the nanotechnology and the various products produced by nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale. It was earlier referred to the particular technological goal of manipulating atoms and molecular for fabrication of macroscale products called molecular nanotechnology. Manufacturing in a nanoscale which is referred to nanomanufacturing involves scaled up, reliable, and coast effective manufacturing of nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and systems. It includes as well research, development, and integration of top down processes and increasingly bottom up processes. In other words nanomanufacturing is going to lead to the production of improved materials and new products………………….

Nanotechnology has led to the numerous products in the market for the consumers. The invention of DVDs and CDs with maximum storage capacity resulted from nanotechnology, currently the DVDs and CDs have replaced the floppy disks and the DVD size has been reduced to 350 nanometer wide. In photography the images looks real due to the extreme use of high resolutions of capturing media, the use of Nano ceramics coating is being applied on photo quality to create sharper, higher quality digital that can……………………..

Sporting stuffs have been made with nanostructure in their building materials to improve their performance, such as golf ball has been made to fly straighter and faster by the use of nanotechnology, tennis ball has been made to last longer and the tennis rackets to be stronger, light weight and long lasting, the bowling balls that are harder and twists more…………………..

In electronic appliances nanotechnology makes electronic products affordable due to the ability to work effectively and efficiently at the nanoscale, the electronic devices includes, thin film batteries, cell phones, LCDs, LEDs, digital cameras, MP3s, flash drives and computers…………………..

Nanotech devices are nowadays used in blood test and ultra sound, the blood test is now simpler and clear since devices used in cells examination capture the entire cell. Better pictures from ultra sound are made possible by the use of modern nanotech equipment. In bomb detectors, explosive materials and bomb detectors are widely used in airports and other institutions to scan the passengers and clients………..