NANOMEDICINE From Nanaotechnology

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The paper talks about the application of nanotechnology in medical field and treating ailments which is nano-medicine



Nanomedicine is the medicine, engineering and technology conducted at the nanoscale which is about one to one hundred nanometers. It involves application the study of very small things an can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and engineering. Nanotechnology will not only allow making high-quality products at very low cost, but will help making new nanofactories at the same low cost and at……………….

Nanomedicine is the application of nanoparticles which are currently under development to manufacture Nanorobots which can conduct repairs to cellular level. Some of the nanomedicine applications are imagined to be possible, while others are under testing stages, and some are already in use. The imagined techniques over a few years back are showing positive progress toward becoming reality, and nanomedicine shows a revolution in the way of diagnosing and treatment of damages or diseases in human body……………………..

In diagnosis techniques under nanomedicine, detection of cancer cells are done using the antibodies attached to carbon nanotube chips in the blood stream. Inflammatory diseases are monitored using nanotube embedded in gel injected under the skin to detect the amount of nitric oxide in the blood stream. The detection of very low level of cancer cells such as 3 to 5 cancer cells in a one milliliter of blood sample, molecules containing antibodies that attach to the cancer cells are attached on the grown sheets of graphene oxide………………

Therapy techniques using nanomedicine has allowed development of nanosponges that absorbs toxins and remove them from the blood stream. They are coated with red blood cell membrane which allows them to travel freely in the blood stream and attract the toxins. Sound waves which are powerful are used for noninvasive surgery……………

In drug delivery the testing of nanoparticles that releases drug when subjected to sheer force, this occurs when the nanoparticle passes through a section of the artery that is blocked by a clot thus dissolving the clot. Researchers have demonstrated drug delivery using silicon nanoparticle that degrades inside the tumor thus delivering the drug…………………..