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My Teaching Philosophy.

The teaching process is very important in the present world as it equips learners with knowledge and skills they will need in future and also facilitates successful passing down of knowledge and information between generations.

Learning somehow gets less complicated at times when students feel comfortable in class and with their teachers. This is why as a teacher I like to focus on my students. In doing this I get to know and understand my students and can hence usually tell what they’re hoping for. Students are of course different but this doesn’t mean I can’t find middle ground for all my students. For instance some students like to have fun alongside learning, others just want to learn if I know that and balance both out then all my students end up learning.

The education board usually has provided a list of books to be used in the curriculum. I usually require students to at least have access to these books. And on top of that, I provide handouts in class. I make short notes or highlight things that should not be missed and then print these and distribute to the class. Handouts make what was bulky seem much simpler. And while making my handouts it is usually my hope that by getting a taste of what we are learning my students will get curious and end up researching and reading broadly on the topic in question, and it actually works.

Since currently I mostly teach millennials technology plays a huge role in my classes. And even with older people the use of modern technology is becoming very common which makes technology important in teaching. I make use of the school portal making homework access easier than say picking it up at my office. I also use email for homework, reminders and questions, slides to make passing short notes easier, I even sometimes use movies or documentaries to reinforce what we learn from books.

As a teacher I also like to do research. I want to be aware of any new methods and teaching strategies so my students are not at a disadvantage. This involves attending seminars, interacting with other teachers or even just doing a Google search to see what would be beneficial for my students and what I should not use anymore. Of course with years as a teacher I will evolve and so will my teaching philosophy and its evolution is contributed to majorly by my research findings.

For my classes whether it’s a small group or a large one I like to use discussion as a learning tool for my students. You would be amazed at how well this works in some cases. Peers listen and sometimes understand each other better than when they interact with people a different age. Sometimes I also pair weaker students with ones who understand better, this way the former learns and the latter understands even better. By working together my class also becomes united. When my students can tolerate each other then classes are more fun, smoother and learning happens.

So while teaching and the learning process can be hard, my philosophy makes it bearable if not easier. It ensures my students learn and do well.