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My mentor is my father, Tala Sulean, who works in the real estate sector in Saudi Arabia. He runs a company known as laat Properties where he serves as the general manager. Tal  Properties is a real estate agency involved in negotiating and arranging for real estate sales. My father oversees many of the operations of the company including property listings and drafting real estate contracts.

I chose my father to serve as my mentor because he understands my weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, he has contributed tremendously to my personal growth. I believe that he fully understands me and would be very much willing to patiently guide me until I achieve my intended goals. Moreover, he has several qualities that I admire. During the time that is spent with him in the office, I discovered that my father has a personal interest in mentoring young people. I realized that apart from being knowledgeable and compassionate, he has the qualities of a good teacher. He exhibits great enthusiasm in the fields of entrepreneurship and real estate, the two areas that I plan to pursue in future. Therefore, having father as my mentor will give more meaning to my dream. With his help, it will be much easy to turn my vision into reality. At his place of work, my father commands respects from his employees and clients. I admire his ability to relate with young people and to offer them guidance as well as constructive feedback.

I believe that my father would be committed to helping me achieve the success and gratification that I yearn for and especially in my chosen profession and entrepreneurship career. By having him as my mentor, I hope to learn how to build and maintain a professional relationship. For instance, I envision that my father will help me grow my network of contacts by introducing me to new business people that we could partner with in the future. I also hope that the experience will help me improve vital skills such as communication and raise my level of confidence in running a business and solving challenges.My mentor is my father

My next step would be to communicate my decision to my father. Moreover, I will request him that we have a meeting with him via telephone at a time when he is relaxed. Additionally, I will take time to do research so as to identify issues that I would like us to focus on, which would form the foundation of my mentorship.