My Innovation Assignment



My Innovation Assignment

Most of the students are familiar with databases. That is because they store articles and information and students search them on a regular basis when researching various topics. However, what most students normally do not realize is that their work does not rely entirely on databases. In fact, most of the students produce their very own databases every time they conduct research. The more students read and research, the more information they get and when they save and organize this information in files in their computers, they are creating a database. While these databases are small and specialized in terms of scale, they are still databases of information. Based on this understanding, my innovation was the creation of a database of scholarly articles, research papers, essay, as well as, documents available free on the internet that fellow students and other online users can access and use in their research.

Given that the large volume of information that I store for my research can be overwhelming, particularly when I try to determine what is prominent for a specific article or dissertation, it was extremely vital for me to organize this information into simple but vivid categories to facilitate relevance and ease of access by other students and online users. I organized my all my research files and downloaded scholarly articles using a single program so as to centralize and categorize the papers. The program placed all the articles and research papers into a single database. The database was hosted by a website that has various “search and download” options. When fellow students visit the website, they can access the database. Moreover, there is a button on the website that allows students and other individuals to create accounts and upload their papers and other free articles available on the Internet. This option not only improves web traffic but also encourages students and other individuals to conduct research and upload their research papers into the database for access by different people.My Innovation Assignment

The program I developed makes the articles, research papers and essays on my database searchable and also organizes them into different categories based on discordant fields, subjects and research topics. Moreover, tagging capabilities enables online users to utilize the program to make connections between various documents on top of saving them in an organized manner.

The database I created has various benefits such as:My Innovation Assignment

  • Students and other online users can access the information they required to complete their research in various subjects, fields, professions and research topics.
  • Students and online users can access documents in both word-file format and PDF format.
  • Information on the database is available to students and online users 24/7.
  • The database has a diverse base of resources that is located in one place to make it convenient for students and online users to access the information from any location.
  • The database is a platform for students and other online users to publish their research papers, essays and articles where other people can read them and benefit from their knowledge.
  • The database is updated daily when new articles, research papers or essays are uploaded by different students and online users.My Innovation Assignment

In addition to the benefits stated above, my database innovation is applicable to this unit in that it provides a platform for other students and online users to create their own databases. One way of going about is using Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio or Transact-SQL. The process of creating a database using SQL Server Management Studio is as follows:My Innovation Assignment

  • Connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine while in Object Explorer then expand that instance.
  • Click on Databases and select New Database.
  • Enter a database name.
  • Click OK to formulate a database using default values; otherwise continue with following steps.
  • Click () to alter the owner name by selecting another owner.
  • Click an appropriate cell and enter a novel value in the Database Files option in order to change the default values of the transaction log files and primary data.
  • Select the Options page should you want to change the collation of the database and choose your desired collation from the list.
  • You can also change the database options by selecting the Options page, followed by a modification of the database options.
  • Click on the Filegroups page in order to add a new filegroup, and then click Add whereby you will be given the option to enter values for the filegroup.
  • If you want to add an extended property to the database you can select the Extended Properties page and choose your desired settings.
  • Click OK to create the database.