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My Dream

One individual described a dream to mean that which does not let a person fall asleep. I too have a dream. I have a dream that one day I will live in a world where will be is everlasting peace. When that day comes, nations and people will no longer fight each other. The forces of darkness that have gripped the Middle East and other parts of the world will be defeated. I have a dream that the radicalized men and women all over the world will one day regain their minds. They will know that raping women and killing innocent persons is wrong. The children ravaged by wars and long forgot to smile will regain their smiles and the perpetrators of all injustices will understand and consider the pain that their victims undergo.

I have a dream that one day, we will live in a world where each person will trust his neighbor and the present barriers and limitations among people and various culture will no longer exist. Individuals will not be judged based on their gender, race, or religion. Rather, the prevailing diversity will serve as the true bridge and path through which every kind of beautiful ideas, endeavors, and deeds will reach every soul on earth. I dream of a world where every single person will learn to show kindness to one another and where our planet will become a happy home to accommodate all humanity.

I dream to leave in a world where the rights of every person are respected, a land where loves flows from deep within the hearts of everyone. Women will conceive on purpose and there will no longer be the cries of the unborn child since the thought of practicing abortion will not enter the mind of anyone. I dream of a world where the will be a cure for every disease and no one will die prematurely. This is the time to work towards realizing this. This is the time to spread love and embrace diversity if we are to achieve anything.