Murray State TESOL Program



Murray State TESOL Program

During this semester, I had the privilege to teach in the Sunday ESL community class.  From January 23rd 2 April 8th, I   taught the advanced level class in the Murray State TESOL Program.  Each class I taught different topics for 30 to 40 minutes.  However, I mainly focused on teaching speaking and listening skills as a way of developing students communication skills.  I had to meet with my supervisor 3 24 days before each class. During the meeting we discussed about the previous class as well as ideas, I had for the next class. The meetings were helpful to me because they made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. During one of the classes, the supervisor observed my teaching since it was part of the requirement for me to complete the internship.Murray State TESOL Program

Moreover, after every class I was required to write a teaching journal to record and summaries my thoughts, observations, ideas, and plants. I posted the journals on Blackboard.  Additionally I developed lesson plans, which I had to use every Sunday.  Therefore, I was able to develop 11 lesson plans throughout the semester that touched on different topics and skill. nevertheless the mainly concentrated on teaching and  listening skills .this is because my class was a community class and students needed to practice English and foolish their oral skills. My first lesson plan was designed to develop students’ speaking skills and to give them the chance to know each other. This was my best class because I achieved my goal and it was an icebreaker for both the students and myself.Murray State TESOL Program

I must admit that I was nervous before I started teaching since this was my first time to teach in a classroom. However it turned out to be one of the most exciting and beneficial experience for various reasons. To begin with, the experience was helpful in shaping the ideas that I had with regard to teaching. It also gave me an opportunity to apply those ideas in a real classroom. I believe in Communicative Language Teaching method and I used this method   in Sunday classes. Through teaching, I realized its weaknesses and strengths. I discovered how much using this method encouraged the students to communicate and practice the English language.  Besides, I figured out that students were more inspired to learn and their participation improved when group work was introduced. Similarly, the students communicated more freely with the teacher.  I had earlier learnt that CLT is the most appropriate technique to apply in teaching by a teacher. However, this approach made the learners uncomfortable because there was more focus on them especially in the process of learning how to speak.


Equally, I obtained the knowledge that preparations for a class is vital for a lesson plan. By comparison, the classes that I had improper preparation went better than the classes that I had not prepared well. Another challenge was time management because I was unable to keep time when I’m handling my assignment.  Via practice, I am now able to keep time. Besides I learnt that coming up with a contingency plan is critical. Before the end of a class there’s a lot of free time that I have been using together with my friends to utilize the Contingency plan. However preparing for another lesson productivity proved not a cup of tea.Murray State TESOL Program

One of the challenges that a had to overcome during the internship was deciding on the content of each class. It proved to be difficult for me to choose a topic that was not only interesting but also beneficial to the students. I discovered that students were more interested in the class when I chose a topic that they were more familiar with. One of the interesting topics that I chose worse, the conditional sentences. I taught this topic using CLT. The class started with us sitting in a circle and I   picked a paper from a box. The paper had an incomplete sentence starting with f-clause.  I then chose one of the students to complete the sentence.  The students had an opportunity to express themselves in different situations. Every student had a chance to choose a paper and ask another student to complete the sentence. For instance, one of the sentence was, “if I were a president, I would…..”  another one was, “if I fly today, I would…” through repeating this activity, I learnt that the students had an opportunity to learn the structure and communicate.  Therefore, I was able to meet my objectives of encouraging students to speak.  The activity enabled them to speak, discuss, and ask questions.

When designing my lesson plans for this class, I used different materials and I was able to learn how to choose the most appropriate and useful materials.  In one class, I used a map of Murray. In this class, the students participated and communicated with each other. They were also able to use the knowledge that I had shared with them and we both had fun during the lesson.

Overall, I learnt a lot about myself during the semester.  I discovered that I could be a great teacher and I am glad that I chores this major. The activities throughout the semester also made me aware of my weaknesses and strengths in teaching.  I also gained a lot in as far as choosing materials to use to teach is concerned. In case I have, another chance of repeating this experience I will adjust my lesson plans in order to perfectly fit my students. Everything else will remain the same. For those who are going to enjoy this experience like myself, I   would add them to become and enjoy the experience as it comes.