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Much Ado About Nothing

Such a burst of color and good humor! The King’s theatre is the place to go when you feel down because laughter truly is medicine. I loved the play immensely and laughed enough laughter to last me a week. The play truly is memorable and outstanding. I felt sorry that it was my first play and regretted not coming sooner. The play was ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. It was acted out in the King’s theatre on April 11 at 7.30 pm. The audience was made up mainly of students, I did not count them but they were a considerable number who totally loved the play judging by the laughter emanating from those around me.Much Ado About Nothing

The play is basically about young people who are in love and seeking freedom by fighting against an older generation who believe that because their methods worked for them then the younger generation should follow suit. The love between Claudio and Hero and Benedick and Beatrice is young but is true love nonetheless.

I would definitely watch the play again because a double dose of laughter is not bad. I would only improve the background of the theatre because it was mostly empty with only a few potted trees. I would love it if the background reflected images of the era the play was written for. The characters were hilarious and took humor seriously. I loved the fact that they were audible and took acting seriously, especially the funny parts such as the funny dancing scene when a duet was singing. I loved that the actors took great effort to speak like people from the Shakespearian era. It was like travelling back in time. the actors took their characters seriously and did so well especially when they were required to be silly or embarrassed. They fit the comic characters very well. My favorite actor was Don Pedro, I found his role very interesting and his wit to bring Beatrice and Benedick together intelligent.

The set was both simple and sophisticated. The background was simple with potted trees and time to time lighting. The overhead was amazing with arcs painted with different colors and interesting patterns which gave a sophisticated look. The costumes were old fashioned but brightly colored which made them appealing to the eye, but there was also a few modern costumes like those won by the men during the wedding scene. The special effects were the lights and they were amazing. Not only was the stage well lit so that we could see all the characters but also the background lighting changed color from time to time. I also loved the addition of the tree lights in the potted trees. The play had a message that each generation finds their own way and should not necessarily follow what older generations did. The message of love was also clear in that it wins eventually as seen in Beatrice and Benedick.  The message of true friendship and loyalty was also a theme.Much Ado About Nothing

In comparison to early Renaissance plays the stages and costumes are quite different judging from Wikipedia images of earlier plays. The stages in early theatres are very sophisticated and are made up of beautiful architecture such as columns and made more beautiful with flowing curtains. The character’s costumes are more detailed compared to those at Kings. Earlier characters wore clothing that truly reflected the times making the costumes at Kings look reproduced and without lots of detail. The mode of speaking however is closely related and Kings did good job considering they are playing centuries later. Kings does an exemplary job at acting out the scenes and making sure to leave nothing out. Kings plays are phenomenal.