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Movement plays a very important role in a toddler’s growth



Movement plays a very important role in a toddler’s growth, both physically and mentally. Toddlers like exploring and looking at new things that they come across each day. When a child is growing up, the environment will determine the different types of things that they will be familiar with. It will also affect the engagement in physical activities, which is vital for their growth eve mentally.  Thus, movement and space play a vital role in toddlers and infants’ physical and cognitive development. According to Rinaldi (1998), space, which is children’s environment, will determine how they express themselves.  It is important for one o understand that movement and space are key factors that determine how the child develops.

In class, we have learnt about the important of indoor and outdoor environment in a child’s development process. As such, movement plays decides where a child will be at a given time. At times, we encourage a child to move from one place to another. We know that this will be good for the child’s physical development. When a child’s environment changes, he, or she will become more curious as he or she wants to understand the new environment. Child will tend to appreciate their environment and they will learn from it. For instance, when a new playground is constructed children will be seen wanting to play in it even when it has same features as an existing old one. Environment encourages movement from toddlers and infants and thus their development. I can remember growing up as a child; I loved playing in the field with other children. I could play the whole day without tiring or feeling exhausted. I cannot tell where that massive energy came from but I am sure today I cannot play like that. I will fell extremely exhausted and I would need to take time to rest and recover. I do not know how I used to recover but the following day I was busy playing with other children. Movement and my environment or space decides how I was to be engaged physically. Similarly, infants and toddlers need space and movement to grow physically, emotionally and in their mind. Children have a sharper perception of the environment that adults and some things that adults overlook are really important to children as they grow.Movement plays a very important role in a toddler’s growth

In summary movement is important for infants’ growth and development. If children are not encouraged to move and explore their environment, they end up not developing at the expected rate. The indoor and outdoor environment is crucial in a child’s development. The natural environment reminds children where and who they are. They start leaning about the importance of protecting the environment early and they grow to become responsible adults in the society. Those in charge of creating a friendly environment for the children should consider the needs of the children before executing their plans.  Through the movement, space and environment children have an excellent opportunity to growth and develop.


Rinaldi, C. (1998). In a dialogue with Reggio Emilia. Abingdon, UK: Routledge

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