Buy Existing Paper - Misfits in the society



The topic of my speech was, “Misfits in the society.” During my speech performance, I am convinced that I did several things in the right way. To begin with, I chose a stage that I am familiar with. The familiarity of the venue for the public speaking was imperative because it enabled me to have confidence when presenting my topic. To that end, I was in a position to elaborate on the key points during the entire presentation. Besides, I did well during the public speaking through ensuring that I started the speech by posing a question to capture the attention of the audience. For instance, I asked the question, “Do you know that a misfit is a person who finds it hard to fit into situations and to adapt well to the environment in our societies?”  Moreover, the topic of the speech was also attractive because it helped create curiosity and therefore a platform that compelled the audience to be motivated to listen to the public talk. The topic captured the interest of the people because several of them were faced with the issue of being misfits at one stage of their lives.

Similarly, during the presentation, I believe that I did well because I respected the audience during the speech delivery. I accomplished this task by ensuring that I did not utilize jokes that used the listeners as ideal examples. Instead, I used myself as a good example. I believe that this was an improvement from the first and the second speech because in these speeches I used the audience to give examples. I feel that this was a bad idea because it makes some of the listeners offended and others may have the opinion that they have been belittled. By doing this, I ensured the morale of the listeners was not affected by the presentation. Also, I improved from the first and the second presentations by ensuring that I did not take a lot of time explaining one particular point. To that end, I ensured that the public was not demoralized from following the presentation.

Equally, I believe that I did well during the public speaking because I was able to maintain an eye contact. It is imperative to do so because I believed that it is a good indicator that I was honest with what I was uttering.  I believe that this was an improvement from the first and the second presentation because during these presentations I focused on looking at one particular side of the area where the audience was seated. By moving my eyes across from one side of the audience to another enabled me to build the confidence of the speech delivery as well as ensuring that the audience was attentive to what I was saying.

There are several aspects of my speech that I want to be improved for my final speech. One of them is planning of the speech presentation effectively. This implies coming up with a list of points that are to be presented during the public speaking and summarizing them in a way that it takes the shortest time possible for the presentation. To that end, I believe that this approach is going to save the time of the listeners.

Besides, for my final speech, I subscribe to the opinion that I should end the speech strongly and thus improve my speech performance. This will involve the use of statements that summarize the objectives of the public speaking. For instance, if we are talking about drug abuse, I will conclude the speech by saying that, “drug abuse is not good because it leads to hallucinations that may lead to road accidents.”

During the quarter, I have had the opportunity to employ the public speaking techniques to a school where I was mentoring the students. During the presentation, I ensured that I engaged the learners through asking them some questions. For example, I wanted them to tell me what they would like to become once they had grown up.