Miscommunication in the work place

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Miscommunication in the work place

What happened?

During the annual general meeting at our organization, the top management gave a directive that all personnel who are involved in the plant room be equipped with safety wear as soon as possible. However there was a miscommunication by the workers in the plant laboratories. The plant laboratories are involved in the research of various species of plants whereas the plant room is involved in the preparation of fertilizers. The management of the plant laboratory ended up instructing their staff to purchase safety wear such as gloves and gumboots which were to be bought by the plant room department and funded by the company. The top management meant to give a directive to the plant room management to purchase all the necessary safety gear for its staff using the organizations money. Here is how the conversation went about during the meeting.

“We have been receiving quite a number of reports from the staff from the plant department about frequent accidents” said Mr. Robert the chairman with a harsh tone, “the concerned parties should therefore ensure that they acquire safety wear as soon as possible or else be fired.”

Communication contexts

With regard to various miscommunication contexts, one of the context in which the communication occurred was physical in that it involved a meeting in which the communication took place. The context was organizational because it involved the management of this particular organization issuing out instructions to the staff, this goes to another extent of touching on the cultural context since the staff that were being communicated to be of a diverse cultural background. The chairman who was addressing his junior staff took on a harsh tone, this show of emotions in communication helps to bring out the seriousness of the matter, however on the other hand it can lead to a response done under tension. The emotional context has a possibility of negatively influencing the communication, thus causing miscommunication. The organizational context has a potential of causing miscommunication since when speaking to people in a mass there is always a possibility of miscommunication. However it is an easier and quicker way of communicating in an organization.

Reason for miscommunication

Some of the interferences that led to miscommunication include misunderstanding, in that the chairman was not clear with whom exactly he was addressing, this is because in the organization we have the plant room and plant laboratory. Considering the channel used, there is the possibility that some of the people in the meeting did not clearly understand what the chairman was communicating. The emotions involved in communication may have brought about tension among the junior members causing them to respond inappropriately as a result of miscommunication.

Consequences of miscommunication

Miscommunication has a great deal of consequences, for instance it may lead to losses, accidents and misunderstandings. In this example it led to losses as the plant laboratory bought equipment with their own money, something they shouldn’t have done.


In conclusion I have learned that effective communication is key to the smooth running of events in any work place set up. Any miscommunication can lead to losses and