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Millennials as Consumers

My name is Alla and Saudi Arabia is my home. I am very excited to be here because everything I ever dreamed about college is coming true here at Tiffin University. My birthday is October fifth and I am 26 years of age which places me in the millennial generation. Being a member of the millennial generation is a lot of things. First, millennials think they know everything, and we walk the planet like we invented everything from the coolest dances to the greatest dressing style. I am from this generation of individuals who love self, more than anyone else. In my generation, I would rather work the job I love than the job that pays more and yet my generation is one that dreams of getting rich fast.

As a millennial consumer, I am influenced a lot by trends. Social media and this era of the internet is the biggest undoing for a millennial. I feel like older generations made better use of their money because they did not have products thrown in their faces all the time. I like to pride myself as a conscious consumer and buy products based on necessity. The shopping experience is however not very easy and sometimes I fall prey of advertisements especially on social media. In today’s world, every advertisement is well thought for maximum impact and the millennial is not very lucky because they are at the ripe age where they want to live to the fullest. Everything on social media from blogs to pictures and music seems to advertise something, from food to clothes and even electronics.Millennials as Consumers

On brands and loyalty, I am loyal to Apple for my electronic devices and accessories because they have wonderful products. I would pick coke over Pepsi any day because growing up, the Coca cola company drinks were the most popular. In other consumer choices, I make decisions based on need and how popular or how well advertised a product is. For entertainment, I favor Arabic shows over the rest because they remind me of home. My shows do not affect my consumer behavior while I am here because the products advertised are from Saudi Arabia, so I am safe on this side of the world.

I feel that consumers are affected by their personalities. There are people who shop as a past time while others shop for happiness. I pride myself in purchasing for necessity except for the few weak moments where something catches my eye on Facebook and I buy because it looks like a good thing to own. Being a millennial and a consumer is not a very good mix because the pressure to be like everyone else is very real.Millennials as Consumers