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Millennial generation

  1. Generations personality quiz

I belong to the millennial generation. Millennial generation comprises people who were born “between” 1981-2000. This generation comprises of people who are cooperative, flexible, techno-savvy and adaptable. These individuals are aware that the world is changing easily and they are eager to change with it. They are socially responsible, forward-thinking and open-minded.

In our generation, most of my age-mates belong to the millennial generation. The reason why we belong to the millennial generation is that generation is grouped according to the years people are born. Age mates almost have the same point of view of things.  Moreover, generations are changing due to a change in social cultures and the way individuals view things.

  1. Summary-millennial generation

There are generational differences discussed for various workplace issues. The four generations highly support maternity leaves they view maternity leave is essential because it helps workers to relieve stress and grants them time to be with their newborn and bond with them. The millennial generation and baby boomers will support the legalization of marijuana due to proven significant of marijuana. The traditional generation and generation X will strongly disagree with the legalization of marijuana. The four generations would not prefer unlimited vocational time. They view that resting or taking a break is also essential for the workers. The baby boomers are retiring and they also need fun. Generation X needs time for their families.

Moreover, the millennial generation is focused on gender equality; they believe that every gender has equal chances. Millennial also think that culture is changing.  A millennial will support the idea of a stay home dad. The traditional generation, baby boomer and generation X believe that the father is the provider and they will not support stay home dad. They also view that stay home dad is against the culture.

Furthermore, all generation will support minimum wage increment to $15/hour. They prefer good pay due to the fact that money is essential for living. Lifelong employment is viewed as a thing of the past, therefore, it will be supported only by the baby boomers, generation X, and the traditional generation. The millennium generation prefers lifelong learning opportunities on the job than lifelong employment. The millennial generation and generation X are encouraging bringing kids to the work because they view that bringing them to work will enable them to know why they work. Millennial and generation X need also a flexible environment.  Also, it will grant employees a chance to share a glimpse of their family life with their colleagues. The other two will not support the idea of bringing their children at work.

All generation will prefer typical working hours to be set. The traditional generation and the baby boomers generation have a negative image of social media websites; therefore they will even suggest zero hours to be spent on social media pages. The millennial generation and the generation X will support the spending of many hours on social media websites due to the fact that it is used to boost business through making sales and also advertising the business too.Millennial generation

The millennial generation and the generation X will prefer talking via email since it saves time and it is faster rather than face to face communication. The other two generations believe that face to face communication is more effective than email communication. Thereby they will prefer face to face communication over email communication. The millennial generation strongly believes in self-employment and they are actually advocating it. Therefore they will support self-employment over working with other people. The traditional generation, the baby boomers and generation X will prefer working with other people than self-employment.


  1. Case summary for the case

All generations are essential to the workplace. Thereby a total compensation plan is essential to cater for various generation needs. Offer baby boomers a package as a reward for their services. This allows them to keep their regular benefits while decreasing their hours so as to slowly work towards retirement. Give generation X a room to make their own future, this implies not overworking them while providing a better working environment. Providing the millennial generation with short term incentives like paying extra for increased performance, will motivate them to make a name for themselves. Giving generation X opportunities that develop their careers will also be essential.