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There is shortage of Middle Eastern Restaurants that offer Arabian Chicken Sandwich of good quality that can be able to match up with the expectations of most of the customers. At the same time majority of the people are always in search for hotels that not only offer Chicken Shawarma of good quality but also those, which are able to offer a wide variety. Cedar Hotel Restaurant will thus capitalize on this gap and come up with a good program that will ensure that it wins the trust of the customers.

The plan involves outsourcing the services of the best chefs in the region who have a wide experience in making of chicken Sandwich and other chicken related foods. The chefs will further be given additional training to ensure uniformity and offering of the best products and services possible. The hotel will also come with an exciting design and plan of actions that will enable them attract and retain many customers. This will include constantly changing the menu and recipe of the Chicken Shawarma to ensure that at no point the customers get bored with the product. Furthermore, the loyal customers will be rewarded through being given discounts and other favors that will motivate them to continue being loyal. The marketing channels and customer segmentation will also be reviewed for maximum efficiency. The market channels will for example involve a group of sales people who will be charged with the responsibility of not only advertising but also selling the Chicken dishes to the various groups of people in the region.  The agents will thus be required to participate in the various social activities such as sports and concerts among others so as to reach a large population.


Value Proposition

            Despite the large number of Middle Eastern restaurants in Los Angeles majority of them do not provide Arabic Chicken Sandwich, which happens to be popular among many people in the region. As a result there exists, an exciting business opportunity for Cedar House Restaurant to venture in this line and offer Chicken Shawarma of the best quality possible.  Offering Chicken Shawarma, which meets the expectations of clients, will automatically attract a large number of them to the restaurant.