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Mexican Revolution

The major causes of the Mexican Revolution is said to be people who were fed up by the presidency of Diaz. They felt that they were not involved in the running of the nation and the president was a dictator. The working class also played a major role in the revolution since they felt that they were an exploited lot. Additionally there were also other causes of the revolution such as anger against cruel rural bosses, tolerable of rebel groups, stolen Indian land, American interest in Mexico and clashes that sprouted among different revolution leaders. There was also tension between people born in Mexico and other inhabitants. This war was unique since all people participated in it be it children, women or men. The main battle grounds were Torrado, Vera Cruz. Zacatecas, Celaya and Ciudad Juarez.

The prominent people who were involved in the war are first President Diaz. He was the cause of the war since his leadership style was unpopular among Mexicans. Another prominent person was Francisco Madero who called for the revolution but was assassinated. Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and Pascal Orozco were the individuals who began the war. Madero becomes the president, however, he is assassinated. Huerta took the seat as the president and latter Venustiano takes power introduces reforms and a constitution. He gets assassinated and is replaced by General Alvaro and the revolution comes to an end.Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution played an important role in bringing democracy to Mexico. Without it one can say that Mexicans will still be under oppressive leadership. Just like in many other revolutions such as the French Revolution people became tired of being ruled by an iron fist and they rose up. Unfortunately , the war saw many people die, children women and me as well. It lacked a strong leader and this can be attributed to assassination  of president as well as the reason it took long.