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Mennel is basically a grain company that deals in wheat, corn, soybean and popcorn. The company owns 12 grain elevators, 6 state-of-the-art flour mills, and numerous tracks operating in three divisions as well as 2 bakeries and 1 popcorn plant. Mennel is not only limited to the farms but they also have operational offices, a distribution center, storage warehouses, a truck repair shop and they also manage a property company. Mennel is clearly a company that believes in hard work and is not afraid to extend their business to other sectors.

Just like everyone has a past, the Mennel history has a rich history spanning 13 decades. The family business has made it its business to feed the nation through flour milling and has done so passionately since 1886. The company has experience great strides and now boasts of state of the art milling technologies and 6 million pounds of flour production on a daily basis. The company has its headquarters in Ohio but operates in other states as well.

The Mennel story is one of enduring in one particular industry and making an effort at being the best. Currently, the company produces over 300 wheat grades making it a much diversified milling company. The company prioritizes on making the customers happy and having repeat customers is the biggest achievement a company can boast of.

The greatest pride of any company is its assets and for Mennel, the biggest assets are not their properties but their staff. The company thrives a lot on the service and the support offered by its employees that make it the best company to work in. The Mennel Milling Company believes that each employee is part of their larger family. The Mennel Company believes in celebrating their customers because they believe that they are the reason they have survived for this long in the milling sector. Like all good companies, Mennel is special because it does not forget the communities in which they operate in. The company takes care of the environment so that the communities benefits from their operations and not suffer from environmental degradation.

Tom Marben was the speaker on behalf of the Mennel Company and they wouldn’t have sent a better representative. His knowledge about the company is phenomenal and when he talked about the company, one could see the loyalty and pride seeping through him. It takes a lot to run a business for more than a century and Mennel Milling must be doing something right to achieve this milestone. From this talk, I was motivated that it is possible to run a successful business for a long time. I was also amazed at how well the subsequent generations of the Mennel company have taken the work  in their stride and gone on to do better with each passing decade. The Mennel is a legacy and a proper example of what successful businesses should look like.

The talk was beneficial because I learnt a lot about what it takes to run a successful business. I learnt that embracing technology is part of growing a business but no matter the state of the technology no one is more important in a business than its customers and employees. A close look into the history of the Mennel Company definitely has important lessons than any company can benefit from and put to test. Listening to the Mennel story, I realized that the company or business I intend to establish should leave on after I am no longer part of this world and be a dynasty worth its salt centuries later.