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Men and Women-biologically natural kinds of human being


The paper talks about the distincton between men and women which is said to be sex specific biological features.

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What does it mean to claim that women and men are biologically natural
kinds of human being distinguished by sex-specific biological natures?
It means that men and women are human beings whose main distinction is their sex-specific biological features. Apart from the distinction defined by their biological natures, there are no other major aspects that distinguish them. As such, there should be no sociological, political, or economic consequences on them because of their sex-specific biological characteristics (Wittig, 1982, p. 66). Assigning of roles in the society previously has been based on the aspect of sex resulting to social opposition between women and men………………..

Distinguishing women and men based on sex-specific biological characteristics means that they should not be distinguished through any other means. Their roles in the society should be similar because they are all human beings. The only role that can be distinguished on this basis is that which can only relate sex-specific biological natures such as………………..

Consider the patriarchal family-household as it’s described by Shulamith
Firestone or Christine Delphy. Women perform unpaid labor—in sexual activity,
pregnancy, childbirth, caring for and raising children, caring for other members of
the household, producing goods for consumption within the household………………………

Patriarchy has two dimensions in any society; husband’s rule and father’s rule. It is founded on the assumption that male species are superior and ought to take control of decisions and leaderships over women (Therborn, 2004, p. 13). It denotes male- female relations where men have control over women’s decisions, labor, and mobility. Roles in a patriarchal society are assigned because of sex and there is no or very little room for members of either sex to perform roles of the other……………………….

Delphy (1980, p. 23) considers this kind of relationship as oppressive and explains how it results to efforts by women to liberate themselves. She argues that there are class and political aspect to this kind of relations; society is structured in such a way that it perpetrates domination of women by men………………..