Medical Marijuana

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the paper talks about the application of Marijuana in medical sector to treat a number of ailments.



Cannabis and its cannabinoids have been incorporated for use in the medical sector. It is believed that medical marijuana has the potential of treating diseases or improving symptoms associated with various diseases. Some of the applications of medical marijuana in the medical sector include reduction of nausea and vomiting, reduction and treatment of chronic pains and muscle spasms. The various ways through which medical marijuana can be administered include; smoking of dried buds, eating of the marijuana edibles, taking of cannabis capsules and the use of liquid tinctures……….
The use of is still under research. The safety and effects of using marijuana as medicine has therefore not been clearly stipulated by proven scientific experiments. The use of medical marijuana is therefore discouraged by various critics who suggest that marijuana should not be used in the medical sector until it is proven to be effective scientifically. There is also need of drawing strong conclusions concerning the side effects of medical marijuana. Some of the diverse effects of medical marijuana include, fatigue, nausea and both cardiovascular and psychoactive effects. Long term use of this drug also causes tolerance to the adverse side effects of marijuana…………..
The use of recreational marijuana has presented diverse effects to the users of this drug and there is a possibility of this diverse effects presenting in patients who use it. This diverse effects, according to research, have presented themselves in different patients in distinct variety of ways. Some of the recreational effects of marijuana use that could present in patients using medical marijuana include addiction, bronchitis and cognitive effects that impair both attention and memory………….
Medical marijuana is also not an effective medicine because there are a diverse species of marijuana which are associated with diverse effects as well. Cannabis is a genus which contains two major species of the marijuana plant and one minor species. The two major species include Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, both of which contain different amounts of active cannabinoids. The minor species is Cannabis ruderalis and it contains few cannabinoids compared to the two major species