McDonald’s Restaurants

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The paper talks about the McDonald’s Restaurants which is one of the well doing restaurants in Costa Mesa.



There are six McDonald’s Restaurants in Costa Mesa. The biggest and the busiest of the six is the one located at Harbor Boulevard building and is numbered 24051 on the company’s website. The restaurant occupies the ground floor and the first floor of the building. The building is well connected to road network. Services such as drive through, playground and parking lot are also offered at the restaurant. McDonald’s Restaurant # 24051 is located in a commercial district neighborhood………………

The restaurant is located close to Metro Pointe at South Coast and this tends to bring a lot of customers to it. The restaurant has an approximate floor area of 7500 square feet and contains a banquet room as a well as a bar. Important features during the visits to the restaurants and information gathering stage included flyers, posters and gathering areas. Fliers were particularly important when collecting important information about the activities at the restaurant such as parties, introduction of new foods and changes in prices (Swinyard, 1977)……………….

Victoria Street‘s McDonald Restaurant shows culmination of larger economic and social trends. The restaurant’s price of fast foods has paved the way for customers form all social classes to have a meal. As a result of this, one can generalize that McDonald’s Restaurants cater for the daily needs of the residents of Costa Mesa and their friends. The majority of the customers are middle class or upper class residents of Costa Mesa……………………….

The customers at the restaurant are diverse and comprise of whites, Latinos, African Americans, Asians and Hispanic among people of other races and background. Furthermore, all genders are usually present ate at the restaurant. Women, men and children, the aged and the young the educated and uneducated are all present. There are usually no preferences on one customer over the other based on education status or hierarchies in society………………