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Maya Civilization

The Maya are the native people in Mexico as well as Central America. They occupy the areas in Yucatan, Tabasco area, Chiapas locality and Quintana Roo in Mexico. They are also found in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The word Maya originated from the Yucatan city of Mayapan. These people refer to themselves by their ethnic background and the languages they use, examples being the Yucatec who are found at the north and the Quiche located at the south. The Maya people have maneuvered the entire world since they were first discovered by John Lloyd and Fredrick Cather wood in the 1840s. The Maya civilization is a great Mesoamerican culture that is widely known to have fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian America. It is also known for monumental architecture like the Maya stepped pyramid and temples as well as astronomical systems like mapping celestial objects like the moon and Venus, not forgetting the spectacular art like Mayan jadeite. They were also good in mathematics that is why they developed Mayan numerical with Arabic equivalents. Not only did the civilization share their features together with other Mesoamericans as a result of their high magnitude of interaction but also because of their cultural diffusion in the region.Maya Civilization

Today, the Maya people and their descendants form are small population in the Maya area. They still maintain their culture and beliefs that resulted from the merger between the pre-Columbian and the post-Conquest ideologies. Maya declined as a result of warfare, ecological depletion, famine and drought until it was rediscovered by john Lloyd. The Mayans are regarded as an awesome civilization because; they were the first to develop some of our best foods like chocolates, they used glitters in order to make their temples shine, they also built pyramids that reflected on astronomical events, they were the ones who developed the concept of zero and they were able to build and sustain a very great civilization at the middle of the rainforest. Maya Civilization