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Mathematics and arts, in their very essence have a deep correlation in the sense that they are indeed related in a number of ways. It is imperative to note that mathematics itself is essentially given a description of being an art that is motivated in a great way beauty and is recognized in various arts. Therefore……..

Therefore, to understand this interesting relationship between music and mathematics, we can study one the most prominent artists of times- Mozart. The mathematical description of Mozart’s music gives……….

Therefore, the connection between mathematical components and music has essentially found some viable place Mozart’s work. Mozart’s music, especially his Symphony in the G-minor shows the occurrence of the golden ratio. Some of the studies show the use of gem-atria in Mozart’s music. There has…….

Mozart composed his music in accordance to a single formula, which by a factor of ten and over, expanded his music. The first part was mainly to have a repetition of every theme. He would modify the theme in a way that would produce continuous melody. In the process of modifying the theme, various mathematical…..