Marriage Problems

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This is a wife’s story explaining the problems in the marriage that lead to break-up in her marriage as a result of long distance between her and the husband and other reasons.



There are a number of marriage problems in the story that leads to break-ups in a marriage. To begin with, long distance between married couples, this may lead to change in feeling in that the marriage is felt to be empty due to lack of connection, care and presence of one another. For instance the distance between Panna and her husband when she went for further studies in America, may have led to diminished love between them and paving the way to loving other persons who are much close. Arranged marriages may lead to problems that may cause break-up, from the story Panna’s parents arranged her marriage to someone she did not even know or love, this can lead to problems when there is no love in between………………
Unfaithfulness is also addressed in the story and its one of the most common problem causing break-ups in marriages. For example Charity chin has a husband called Eric yet she sleeps with her plastic surgeon every third Wednesday, she also dated an analyst and nutritionist and still sees another man called Phil. Also being insecure about your marriage partner may lead to break-up since when one of the spouses is being seduced by other people of the opposite gender may lead to jealous and the feeling of insecurity by the other partner and this may lead to quarrels or disagreements. For instance, from the story when Panna’s husband sees how men are attracted to his wife…………..
Also the couples in a marriage should take time to enjoy new experiences together thus building exiting memories together. For the unfaithfulness fidelity should be paramount between the couples and respect for one-self, this will discourage cheating on each other thus reducing break-ups in marriages. Arranged marriages should be based on the person’s desire such that it does not cause problems in marriages………….