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Marketing Summary-Adidas


The paper is about marketing summary of Adidas sportswear company, and how is had extended customer relationship.

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Adidas is the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Since it was formed in 1949, it has made huge strides in customer relationship development, customization, and market segmentation (Adidas Inc, 2017). Analysis of its website and the contents on its appeals to male market segment and female market segment…………………..

The style on the men’s segment is appealing to them through exhibition of masculine colors like black and grey. It depicts men on rocky and elevated surfaces thus underpinning strength and masculinity. Also, in order to appeal to men’s nature, it has endorsers like Paul Pogba who is labeled as predator to show how Adidas products are designed to help users to master control (Adidas Inc, 2017). Conversely, the women’s segment displays most of women’s perceived colors such as pink and white. It also displays items like “Barricade Classic Bounce Shoes” aimed at showing how the products are designed to suit women’s needs for agility and offer control that they may inherently be lacking…………………….

The website has thus employed differentiated targeting strategy aimed at targeting males and females who are passionate about sports and fitness. In both the male and female segments, it has showcased multi-brand portfolio designed to give them a competitive edge. The brand portfolio covers both the consumer and sports segment (Adidas Inc, 2017). This kind of segmentation and targeting means that it has learned that both segments among males and females are important in supporting their overall ambition…………………….

The two sections of company website significantly assist in Adidas’ marketing efforts. They have helped to position the company’s products around each of the gender thus ensuring that they both actively contribute to its bottom line. Each section is responsible in bringing its own positioning and identity to life by creating experiences, products and services that offers frameworks and platforms for the enhanced market share in the long term (Adidas Inc, 2017). Consequently, each of them plays a vital role in improving the profitability of the company………………..