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Marilyn’s customer philosophy

According to marilyn’s customer philosophy is that customer satisfaction is number one priority as long as her business is concerned. Currently there have been concerns regarding the services being provided to the customers, it is for this reason that three long- standing employees have threatened to leave the job unless compensation is made. Another specific problem with marilyn’s compensation program is that Marilyn pays all her employees the same basic salary but with no benefits. For the employees to be motivated into working extra hard for them to meet customer satisfaction they should acquire some benefits out of it. some of these benefits include incentives and increase in base pay together with commission based  on sales generated.

Question two

In order for Marilyn to motivate and retain her existing staff , the following are some of the compensation programs and plans that need to be put in place. First; all the employees should acquire incentives these include merit pay and merit raise based on their performance, stock ownership plans, gain sharing plans and profit-sharing plans. Secondly; incentives for salespeople which includes plans like fixed salary plans, commission plans should be direct proportional to sales and combination plan of both base salary and commission plans. The third compensation program that will assissit in motivating and retaining of the existing staff is issuing incentives for operation employees. These compensation methods will act as strategies or rather as motivation for the workers to work extra hard. Customer satisfaction is determined by employees hardwork. The moment an employee works hard the customers will be attracted and therefore improving on the capital and so does incentives and commission.Marilyn’s customer philosophy

Question three

In order to decide on the best compensation plan, one ought to understand some specific considerations which are; the greatest incentive is the work itself, rewards rupture relationships, pay is never a motivator, firms get what they work for and also performance pay cannot replace good management but can be a motivation to work extra hard work at the workplace. Marilyn should use combination compensation plan because for the company to improve on the performance and to attract more clients the employees should be motivated to the hard work and that can only happen when they received their fixed salary and commission for the work done appropriately. One of the best advantages of using combination compensation plan is that it improves on the earnings floor and also it allows compensation for the administrative work. Advantages of commission plan are attracting high perfoming salespeople, easy to compute. The problem with it is that it focuses on sales and not customer relationship. On the other hand salary plan enhances long-term perspectives, easy to reassign salespeople but in this case high performance is not rewarded. Therefore Marilyn should use the combination plan so that the employees can still benefit from the salay plan and commission plan due to reward on high performance.Marilyn’s customer philosophy