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Mandatory Credentials for Teachers is Important



Mandatory Credentials for Teachers is Important

Teaching credentials should be a mandatory requirement simply because teachers are professionals. Just like other professionals in different fields, teachers need to prove that they are qualified enough to handle their jobs. After all, teachers are entrusted to model the lives of the young generations. The teaching credentials need to be mandatory for the following reasons.

One research sought to determine the correlation between teaching behaviour and whether student achievement was affected. The study used mathematics teachers who were given an extra training program. The article states that the behaviour of teachers did change after the training. What is better is that student achievement levels also increased significantly. However student attitude remained unaffected. The additional training is an added credential and it is important because it helped these students to improve. (Van Der Sijde, 1989)

Secondly, the public feels safer with certified teachers. One study conducted in America which interviewed 2525 adults believed that certified teachers were the second most important aspect in a school after proper security on school grounds. The study measured the attitudes of the adults and found out that they believed teachers with better credentials were better placed at improving student performance. They stated that they believed every class deserved a qualified teacher for the success of the class. The respondents also believed that negative behaviour from students caused most of the problems experienced in school but believed trained teachers could easily iron out these problems. The respondents even went as far as stating that a teacher with credentials is a better addition to a school compared to profit oriented companies taking charge of school systems. The opinion of the general public according to this article is that credentials for teachers are very important. (Haselkorn, 1998)Mandatory Credentials for Teachers is Important

In another article data sets from tests at the national level and at the international level were analysed. The data revealed that teachers who had a college degree and therefore better accreditation had better performing students than those who did not. More specifically the data looked at eight-grade students and their performance in the mathematics subject. Teachers with teaching certificates again had better scoring students compared to other teachers. This was true regardless of whether the teacher was teaching a public school or a private school. The results pointed to the fact that certified teachers are better at their jobs because they are well trained and prepared about the subjects that they teach. ( Hawkins & Stancavage, 1998)Mandatory Credentials for Teachers is Important

Teaching credentials also determine if a teacher’s job is secure or not. A teacher with credentials is more likely to stay longer in one school and not move around. This ensures that students benefit from consistency. A teacher with credentials is also likely to concentrate on their job because they have no worries of being laid off. Teachers with credentials also enjoy better salaries and the better the credentials the higher the opportunities to request for a salary increase. A salary increase in any job is enough motivation for a person to do their job right. Many governors across states are increasingly signing bills to increase the payments of teachers in public school. This is especially because the American education system especially in public schools has been criticized for underpaying teachers and as result poor performance. These state officials are increasing salaries for teachers with good teaching credentials. The state officials hope that by doing this, they will boost student performance by increasing teachers’ motivation. The federal government is also increasingly requiring teachers to further their studies for better credentials and up to date teaching solutions. Both state and federal governments are hoping that if teachers have credentials then the problems in schools will be a forgotten story. All the players in education aim at increasing teachers’ effectiveness advance their careers and give them chances to be the best versions of their professional lives. (Certification, 2014)Mandatory Credentials for Teachers is Important





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