manager and supervisor positions




A thin lies between manager and supervisor positions and it is easy to get lost in the argument. Many people want to be manager even when there is nothing to manage yet they would be better off in supervisor levels. Supervisor levels are generally described as drudgery yet they keep ones creative juices up compared to management. This confusion often comes up because traditionally, being a manager was seen as progress and family members or friends give one that pressure to be where they want or expect you to be. In today’s world however, new techniques are being employed so it is not a good idea to bow to pressure. Companies are adopting a dual ladder of management opportunities. This ensures that you move up the levels yet still be the technical guy that the company employed you to be. Dual management is also a way for the company to reduce stress levels for employees that think they deserve better.

Conclusion-manager and supervisor positions 

Top management or HR needs to sit employees once in a while and tell them why the company runs as it is. They can explain the various levels of dual management so that they don’t have a bunch of frustrated college graduates who think they deserve better and are bitter all the time instead of doing their work right. It is also a good idea to explain to them in earlier stages like during orientation that not everyone can be manager because well they need technical people more than they need managers. Bowing down to pressure from family is lethal to one’s career, not everyone is happy in management and therefore people need to stop listening to the standards other people set for them and set their own. Find what makes you happy and be your own boss.