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Main take away lessons from the assigned reading


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Main take away lessons from the assigned reading

The main lessons I picked up this week lesson have been how to explore a meaningful and stable social reality. Communication is very essential in deed and the skill gathered are useful add value on the skillful interaction.  The lesson has enabled me to develop familiarize myself with some basic interaction theories that exists. Through this week’s lessons I have also discovered that we carry our inner self as we interact with others, what is referred to as minding. Our interactions shape our mode of Identities. The week furthermore introduced very important concept of communicative and the micro sociological functions as a great tool to impress the management. The way we communicate is determined by our ability to create social order and construction of reality. I also discovered during this study that those who communicate should manage their front in three different ways by managing their manner, setting and appearance. If the three components are effectively handled then communication become quite interesting in nature.

This week I also discovered that people at times can differ from their ability to manage self-impression these are the low self-monitors and high. The high self-monitors pools toward the creation of a good impression about an individual while the low unstated case states what you get, that is what you see is simply what you get. The two identities are created to maintain social or public fonts that in deed allow the social rules. The whole network of communication is thus complex in nature and has so many distinct units that work together improving the social relationships in the society.

 Main take away lessons from the assigned reading: How will it affect the way I communicate?

This week’s lesson has significantly enhanced the way I communicate, not only will I communicate with so much confidence but will also use the various communication skill that I have gained. Communication skill gained has transformed m to be a good leader, currently I am in a position to understand all team members and also communicate with them in an appropriate manner. When making presentation to a large group of people I will be in apposition too deliver skillfully since I have learnt