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Wabanaki- Indians from Maine also known as People of the Dawn

  1. Jean Vincent d’Abbadie-he was a French military officer and a Wabanaki chief.
  2. Coureurs de bois- they were Frenchmen who travelled to far places in search of fur in exchange of European goods with the Wabanaki.
  3. Pidianisk-
  4. Chief Tomhegan- the Wabanaki chief who led a raid in Bethel and other raids and was famous for siding with the British.
  5. Pigwacket- an Indian tribe that lived near Saco River.
  6. Castin- a place in France which was a French military station and often an allegiance place between the Wabanaki and the French.
  7. Pemaquid- a town in Maine where the Wabanaki fought the English.
  8. Madockawando- was a chief of Penobscot Indians who fought against the English with his tribesmen during the King Williams War.
  9. Blackrobes- the name Wabanaki’s gave to Catholic French priests who established missions in the Wabanaki country usually near rivers and tried to teach the locals their bible teachings.
  10. Orono- a Penobscot chief who helped his tribe recue most of their land from intruders and named the lands ‘ Indian Old Town’
  11. Buckboarding- the use of open carriages known as buckboards by visitors for sightseeing purposes around Mount Desert Island in the summer.
  12. Rusticator- a person on holiday around Mount Desert Island and often participated in the fun activities of the summer such as buckboarding and canoeing.
  13. Fraxinus nigra- trees that provided black ash for the women of the Dawn who used it for making bakets.
  14. Louis Mitchelle- a Passamaquoddy Indian who owned a canoe service for visitors in Bar Harbour and was famous for paddling his canoe in 12 hours all around Mount Desert Island.
  15. Queen Lola- she was an Indian woman who was thought to be the largest Indian with over 300 pounds who often wore a man’ hats and shoes and smoked from pipes.
  16. Weir- a low dam built across a river.