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Lot in Life Paper
a) Outling
This should be a standard outline that shows what your topic is, how you will organize your paper, and will also demonstrate how you will integrate the research with your “personal” story of your “lot in life”. Remember, this can be a real or hypothetical issue. The reference list needs to be submitted in correct APA format and will demonstrate that you have begun to locate appropriate peer-reviewed research to use in your work, as well as some of the other references. You may add to this list while completing your paper, but you should have located the majority of your scholarly references when you turn this in.
b) Paper
In the paper you will address the issue in “your lot” (e.g., your child is born with Down syndrome, has been diagnosed with autism or perhaps you are struggling with a teen with a substance abuse issue, an eating disorder or caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s Disease. Again, select something that will be of interest to you).
The paper involves presenting the issue, identifying the relevant psychological theories and concepts, summarizing the current research, and stating why the issue is important. Your summary of current research must identify both sides of the arguments or all ways of dealing with the issue; for example, whether to mainstream or institutionalize children with Down syndrome. You must also discuss how you would deal with this “lot.” The paper may not consist only of answers to these questions; it must be an integrated essay. You will tell the story from your point of view but will incorporate research about the topic that is informing your decision-making process. You can use a real or hypothetical situation as your “lot in life”. This applied aspect is key to the success of your work.
You must include at least four peer-reviewed journal references, two scholarly website references, and one current article in a popular-press magazine (this may also be a television magazine–show piece). Please explain why the websites you are recommending are valid and reliable. This should be done in the body of your paper. Remember, you want to provide practical help to someone who might also be dealing with this situation.
The paper is to be at least 6–8 pages long, not including the title and reference pages. The title page, reference page, page numbering, line spacing, and in-text citations must be in proper APA format. Do not forget things like your running head. APA format uses Times New Roman font. Use headings to organize your work as (always using APA format as your guide). You will submit this paper to your Assignments folder. Please remember, if you quote a source, the quoted material needs to be in quotation marks, with a correct and complete citation.
Also, be sure to give attention to the mechanics of your writing- spelling, grammar, word use, punctuation, sentence structure- all of these are important and you don’t want to give away points for not being sure these aspects of your paper are correct.
1. Lot in life aspect of paper is clear and covered in detail as outlined in the directions 10
2. Academic discussion is thorough and clearly presented with connections made between research and lot in life 20
3. Ideas are interrelated coherently and logically, and lot in life and research are integrated. 10
4. All required references are present and included per directions 10
Organization (10 points)
5. An introduction provides a clear, complete overview of the paper- in other words, what is the topic of the paper, the lot in life aspect and what will the paper cover 3
6. The body of the paper develops and elaborates main ideas, and sections are organized logically and appropriately. Section headings are used 5
7. A conclusion summarizes the main points. 2
Writing Mechanics and Style (15 points)
8. . The paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.) and is grammatically sound
9. Citations and references are formatted in proper APA style and overall paper adheres to APA format 10
TOTAL (75 possible)