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Lonely Planet

Question 1

Lonely Planet’s offerings for mobile devices fall under two categories: audio phrasebooks and city guides. While this offer forms part of what is necessary to ensure efficient travel, it is far from sufficient. This is because there are other products that Lonely Plant can offer to clients to enhance their travel as they move from one country………..

For instance, tourists visiting China could be furnished with short video clips of testimonies of other tourists who have visited China before. Such clips could provide information regarding the climate, culture and amenities of tourists’ destinations, freeing them from the otherwise time consuming………….

Regarding the timeliness and currency of the information available in the printed travel guides, it is my submission that the concerns of the customers are valid and demand immediate attention. Information on favorable travel and tourist locations need to be updated regularly. Given the fact that travel………….

Question 2

Lonely Planet faces various marketing channel conflicts. This conflict arises because despite noticeable web presence, the company’s revenues remain pegged on book sales. Furthermore, web advertising cannibalizes book sales because among other things, it offers information on travel destinations too, just like printed books. Given the facts that researching and compiling a book will necessarily a lengthy exercise…………

To broaden the various products in offers, Lonely Planet should seriously consider introducing the two new offers discussed in the first question above. The overall strategy should aim at increasing revenues from the website and reducing the overreliance on books………..

Question 3

With the proliferation of technology that can be witnessed in today’s world, Lonely Planet customers need not carry their lengthy travel guides as they travel, since the information contained in them can be digitized. The company should simply provide in the form of soft copy all the information available in the travel guides……….

. To ensure this, Lonely Planet can partner with technological and telecommunications companies to ensure that customers are provided with for instance, highly powerful modems to ensure that their access of internet is not affected adversely…..