Locate county health indicator data for three counties



Locate county health indicator data for three counties.  Look at the roster sheet to see which three counties you will be researching.  For these three counties, find the regarding Coronary heart disease, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Female breast cancer and gonorrhea.  You need the age adjusted death rates for each county.  You also need the age adjusted rates for California current and the National objective.  For gonorrhea, you need the crude case rate (male and female) for the counties assigned to you as well as the National objective.

Locate county health indicator data for three counties

Use the most current data available at this site: URL



This is health data.


  1. Using www.census.gov, click on Quick Facts and click on California.  Select each of the three counties listed in A.  Find:

1)  Total population for each county;

2)  Race [%] (for all races);

     Click on the Orange magnifying glass (Browse Quicklinks) for each county.  Find:

1)  Educational attainment (high school graduate [%] under Social Characteristics)

2)  Median household income (under Economic Characteristics)

3)  Median family income (under Economic Characteristics)

4)  Per capita income (under Economic Characteristics)

Locate county health indicator data for three counties

This is census data.


  1. Go to: http://www.zipmap.net/California/San_Bernardino_County.htm and find zip code 92410. Take a screen shot of the zip code 92410. Then paste into the Paint program.  Crop out the borders, so you only see the map.  Then paste into a word document for later use.


  1. Go to:

https://www.healthdata.gov/dataset/death-zip-code-gender-2012-current/resource/03f043a4-6732-4d19-8c8c-9771afb0ae08 and click on Deaths by zip code by Gender 2012 – Current.


You will need the information for female and male deaths in zip code 92410.

Locate county health indicator data for three counties

This is health data.



  1. Create an Excel Workbook.

Always use descriptive titles on every chart and sheet.  Titles should tell who, what, when, where. 

  1. Now that you have researched all of the health information above, you will have to decide 1) which information is census data and which information is health data and 2) which information will go on the X axis (horizontal) and Y axis (vertical). On one worksheet you will have census data and on another sheet you will have health data for the counties, state, and nation.


  1. Create Charts.
  2. The first chart will be a column chart for the case rate of gonorrhea for each county. Make the bars be different colors from each other for each of the column headings.  SAVE THIS AS A NEW SHEET on its own page.  Include a title with font large enough so that if you copy and paste this into a letter the title is readable.  Include the values on each column.  Put the legend on the bottom.  Indicate the source (this is a bibliographical format) on the bottom.


  1. The second chart will be a pie chart for the deaths by female and male in ZIP code 92410. Use a exploded 3-D pie.  Insert the percentage on each portion.  Include a title and source.  Embed this in the health data worksheet.


  1. Third, create a bar chart of Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD) and Diabetes (DM) for the counties, state, and nation. Put the legend on the right, title on top, and source at the bottom.  Include the values on the bars.  Use colors that are light so that when you print you don’t use all your ink!  Save this as a new sheet.


  1. Fourth, create a pie chart for one of the Counties (your choice) to show race and ethnicity. Choose the exploded 3-D pie.  Put values on the slices.  Include a title.  The legend should go on the bottom and the source below that using a text box. Save as a new sheet.




  1. Make formatting changes

Choose one of the worksheets, use the format cells button. Select one or two columns to make the following changes.

  1. Change the text orientation of one column header.
  2. Use fill colors (not text color) in a couple of cells.

c . Use patterns in a couple of cells.

  1. Change the column width. Align cells left, center, right.
  2. Use the Wrap text feature so that the county name is on one line and the word “county” is on the second line—so you have to include county with each name.




  1. Two data sheets (one has a chart embedded):
  2. The health data and the census data worksheet with your name as a footer. .

Locate county health indicator data for three counties

  1. Three charts:
  2. The pie chart for the County you chose by race/ethnicity.
  3. The column chart for gonorrhea.
  4. The bar chart for CHD and DM for the counties, state and nation.



You will be graded on:

  1. all work is accomplished
  2. descriptive titles on charts
  3. sources for data included (citation)
  4. followed directions
  5. data is correct and all is included
  6. titles on all charts and sheets