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Please submit your Assignment 3 proposals here. Proposals are due by noon on Sunday 10/25. If you do not submit your proposal by noon on Sunday, I will deduct 10% from your overall grade on Assignment 3.

Your proposals must include the following elements:

A description of the artifact that you intend to analyze for assignment 3
Your reasons/motivations for choosing this artifact
Some preliminary background about the artifact:
Who created it?
Who is the intended audience for the artifact?
How does the artifact influence its intended audience? or What kinds of rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) have the creators of the artifact deployed as a way of influencing their audience?
Is the marketing for the artifact effective? If so, why?
Proposal length: 600 words (yes, it can be longer than 600 words).

Due Date: Sunday (10/25) at noon (12:00 pm)

Your proposals must also include:

Your name
A tentative title for your assignment
This assignment is open to the entire class. This means all of you will be able to see your peers’ submissions. Once all the proposals have been submitted on Sunday afternoon, I would like all of you to read all the submitted proposals before you come to class on Monday (10/26). When you come to class on Monday, the entire class will provide feedback on every proposal during our session. So please make sure you read all the proposals beforehand so that you are prepared to discuss and provide feedback in class.

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LinkedIn is a social networking site that facilitates interactions of a primarily business nature among its users. The site has created a gigantic professional network that spans over two hundred countries. This network not only connects recruiters and job seekers around the globe, but it also enables the sharing of useful professional insights that may prove vital in navigating the modern career world. LinkedIn was founded in late 2002 and officially launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman and his former colleagues from PayPal and SocialNet (LinkedIn). From these humble beginnings, the site has grown in leaps and bounds. Owing to the fact that it attracts professionals from around the world, the site has been provided in several other languages beside English.

This website is intended for professionals who are keen to advance their careers by leveraging the power of information. In addition, the intended audience also includes those who are intent on joining the career world and making a useful contribution, such as college students. This can be deduced from the nature of articles posted on the website by various individuals with diverse experiences. Further, features such as ‘Recommendation’ and subscriptions to job alerts are designed to make the recruitment process as seamless as possible both for the job seekers and the recruiters. In essence, LinkedIn has significantly contributed to infusing a culture of professionalism within the context of social media interactions.

LinkedIn is marketed as the go-to utility for both ambitious professionals and companies that are intent on tapping into the best talent pool around the globe. Dynamic features have been incorporated to cater to the needs of a diversified set of users. The website deploys a logical appeal in its marketing lingo. Given the fact that it has a business orientation, there is little, if any, room for emotional rhetoric. This is consistent with its particular focus on nurturing a culture of professionalism in today’s career environment.