Buy Existing Paper - Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                



Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

Lesson Goals:

  • The main goal of this lesson is to help the students understand the basic concepts of report writing, that is, gathering data through observations, undertaking activities such as internships, interviews and conducting visits, and turning this data into information that is presented in an orderly fashion for the reader to comprehend without difficulty.


The student should be able to complete the following at the end of the class:

  • Recognize that the different ways of collecting data such as observation, participant observation, interviews, research, undertaking projects and conducting visits to buildings or places.
  • Showcase the ability to recognize and distinguish different reports such as academic reports, site visit reports, internship reports and project reports with 90% accuracy.
  • Demonstrate the ability discern and replicate the structure and format of different reports in the class activities and assignment with 90% accuracy.
  • Become familiar with the common phrases and words utilized in the different reports irrespective of whether they formal or informal reports.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write their own reports (site visit reports) while adhering to all the prerequisites and proper structure and format with 90% accuracy.

Rationale:Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

The aim of this lesson is to ensure that the students can discern the various concepts of report writing in discordant contexts, that is, reports based on different activities, subjects, topics, and events. In this regard, the lower intermediate ESL students will be exposed to the different samples of reports and report templates such as site visit reports, historical figures reports and academic reports so as to evince the proper format and structure of the reports and demonstrate how to write various reports appropriately. Reports are applicable in both academic and social settings. Thus, it is vital for the students to grasp the concepts of report writing to be able to write reports for different circumstances or scenarios. Based on this understanding, I planned this report writing lesson to give my students an opportunity to learn and practice report writing. At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to know how to distinguish various reports and write their own reports while taking into consideration and applying all the concepts of report writing.

Lesson Materials

  • Whiteboard or blackboard
  • Handout containing the objectives and requirements of the class
  • Samples of reports and report templates
  • Laptop

Procedures:Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

Tasks Time Procedures


Warm-up and Introduction         10


·         Open the class by distributing the handout containing the lesson objectives and requirements, as well as, the duration.

·         Students look at the handout and familiarize themselves with the content of the lesson.

·         Allow the students to ask any questions about things they do not discern from the handout and raise any matters arising from the previous class.

·         Have they students briefly point out what they already know about report writing.

·         Write down some of the things the students mentioned about report writing.

·         Introduce the basic concepts report writing such as collecting data and the format and structure of reports such as table of contents, introduction, overview of organization, building and historical figure, activities and conclusion.

·         Tell the students to ready their worksheets that they will use for report writing in class.

Lecture about report writing 30


·         Start by elaborating to the students that reports are different from academic research papers. Thus, they should not confuse the two. However, mention that certain academic reports have the same structure and format as academic research papers.

·         Remind the class of the purpose of report writing by stating that the skills learned through this exercise are crucial to improving communication and interaction between the students and fellow students, teachers and other individuals both in academic and social settings.

·         Go through the step-by-step process or procedure of writing an academic report using a sample academic report displayed on the whiteboard. See Appendix A.

·         Provide some non-examples to elaborate on how not to go about report writing, for instance, assuming that reports can be written casually or informally.

Work Activity 30


·         Display various samples of reports on the whiteboard such as an academic report, report about a historical figure and internship report. See Appendix A.

·         Ask the students to work in small groups or with partners to identify and distinguish the different reports in the samples provided.

·         Allow the groups or partners to share their answers with the rest of the class. Write notes on the whiteboard on the responses of the students.

Break Time 10


Writing Reports      30


·          After the break, ask the students to take out their worksheets for a report writing exercise.

·         Write down the essential concepts of report writing on the whiteboard so that the students can refer to them before commencing their report writing exercise and while writing their reports.

·         Ask each student to write a brief report about this ESL course describing what they liked about the course, what they disliked about the course and areas where they think the course can improve on its delivery

·         Divide the students into groups and ask them to review the reports written by each student to determine whether they follow the correct format and structure. Go through every group’s review and make necessary corrections.

·         Ask the students to write a site visit report as an assignment using the template in Appendix B.

Review and Analysis 10 Minutes ·         Review the correct way of report writing in terms of their structure and format.


Contingency Plan:


In order not to mislead the class or encounter any difficulties, I will demonstrate the proper way of report writing by elaborating all the prerequisites of report writing such as gathering data or information and relaying this information in a report from using the correct structure and format depending on the type of report they are writing. This will ensure that the students do not experience any difficulty understanding how to write reports for academic and social purposes.

Assessment:Lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

The samples of reports will be a way of assessing the ability of the students to distinguish between the correct and incorrect way of writing different reports. The report writing exercise or class activity will be a way of evaluating the ability of the students to apply the concepts of report writing while adhering to already taught concepts and rules of writing reports.





Appendix A

Sample Academic Report  

A Report on the Sleeping Habits of Teenagers in Thailand


There have been increasing concerns regarding the sleeping habits of teenagers in Thailand. Direct News published a newspaper article by Angie Rudy entitled “Sleeping in Thailand” on August 20, 2018. This article has provoked concern regarding the sleeping habits of many Thailand citizens and in particular, teenagers. These sleeping patterns turn out to have detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental health.


The purpose of this report is to evaluate the reasons behind Thailand teenager’s habit of sleeping late. It will also make recommendations on how to get these teenagers to sleep early. Background

An article in Direct News by Angie Rudy claimed that teenagers in Thailand are sleeping less and this may have adverse impacts on their physical and mental health. As such, the Health Improvement Board has expressed concern about this habit.

Methods of investigation-lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

Questionnaires were issued to one thousand school-going teenagers in Thailand. References were also made to health journals and newspaper articles.


Apart from the profile of the respondents, the report explores three possible reasons for teenage late-night sleeping demeanor in Thailand, that is, nocturnal activities, sleeping habits and an awareness of the consequences of less sleeping.



Sample Internship Report Template

Internship Report



Name of Organization


Submitted by

Student Name

Student ID




Institution Affiliation



1.      Acknowledgement

The student should acknowledge the help and support provided by other people in the completion of the internship and preparation of the report such as department, family, employees and instructor among others.

2.      Executive Summary

This is a preview of the main points of the detailed report to enable the reader to get a quick review of the report prior to reading it in detail.

3.      Table of Contents

List the vital section titles and sub-titles in the report with their respective page numbers in a table format.

4.      Succinct Introduction-lesson Plan on Report Writing                                

Provide an overview of the main business sector or areas in which the organization falls into such as marketing, telecommunication, food and restaurants, financial service or retail. Do not include a description of the specific organization here.

5.      Overview of the organization

§  Brief history

§  Business size

§  Product and service lines

§  Competitors

§  Succinct summary of the departments

6.      Internship program plan

§  A brief introduction of the department or branch where you undertook your internship

§  The commencing and ending dates of your internship

§  The names of the departments or branches where you acquired training and the duration of your training there

7.      Training program

Provide and outline followed by a description of the duties and responsibilities you performed in the organization. Describe in detail the projects you undertook and not just weekly logs.

8.      Learning Experience

Include the following in this section:

§  Skills learned in the organization

§  The most challenging task or duty performed

§  Knowledge acquired in the organization

§  Gained values and observed attitudes.

9.      Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis

The student should perform a SWOT analysis for the organization where he or she undertook the internship program.

10.  Problem Identification and Solution

Identify an operational or strategic problem that is either connected to the student’s major or the organization where he or she undertook the internship program and propose a solution. While being precise, this section should follow this format:

§  Problem identification

§  Consequences of the existing problem

§  Solutions

11.  Conclusion

Provide a summary of your overall experience in the internship in terms of the tasks performed and the learning experience.

12.  Appendices

If necessary, the student should indicate any additional information that is salient to his or her internship report and the reference should be made in the report. Nonetheless, the following must be included in the appendices section:

§  The complete Weekly Log

§  Scanned copy of the internship letter or certificate




Sample Historical Figure Report Template

Name: ____________________________                 Date: _________________________

Historical Figure Report

1.      Full Name of the Historical Figure


2.      Dates: Birth and Death (if applicable)


3.      Where were they born? Where did they live?


4.      Early life information, that is, how did they grow up or their early upbringing?


5.      Schools attended


6.      Did the individual endure any struggles in life? Why? How?


7.      What impact or effect did the historical figure have in your country or society?


8.      What impressed you most about this historical figure?


Additional information may be provided by the student to make the report more interesting.


Apart from making a poster of the historical figure, what project are you planning on doing with the report?

§  Create a timeline regarding the historical figure

§  Dress as your historical figure

§  Formulate a Diorama relating to your historical figure

Resources Used:








Appendix B